Ushuaia – Beagle Channel

Monday 21st December 2015 I was at the pier around 8am and the first picture I took was from “The World”, on the of the cruise ship which had stopped here and that I could easily imagine going to Antarctica. Ushuaia seen from the pier walk. Provocative statement: Capital de las Malvinas. Pretty developed Ushuaia. … More Ushuaia – Beagle Channel

Punihuil Penguins

Saturday 21st November 2015 The weather was finally great again and when the guy from the hostel called the Penguin tour in Punihuil, they confirmed they were going. Yeah! So around 10.40am, we shoot off with him as a guide driver and Bruno from France who had lived 20 years in New Caledonia and was … More Punihuil Penguins