Asian Fruits – Update

Note on 5th March 2012 : See 3 more fruits just added at the bottom of this article! 1st Feb 2012 Let’s start February with fruits! Small article to tell you about the fruits you can find in South-East Asia that I have been eating the last two months and half, besides the delicious bananas, … More Asian Fruits – Update

English-Lao Dictionary

How was this dictionary born? It’s a young Swiss-German guy, Amando, met in a 9-hour bus between Luang Prabang and Luang Nam Tha on my fourth day in Lao, who taught me most of the words presented here. I added to these some other words I happened to need during the rest of my 5-week … More English-Lao Dictionary

Northern Lao: Phongsaly

18th January I was in Udomxai and I took the bus to Phongsali the next morning. My friends from Muang Sing went to Nong Khiaw and other people to Luang Prabang. So I was the only “falang” (foreign) in the bus, which felt great. In the bus there was a woman who had 2 elephants, … More Northern Lao: Phongsaly