Uluru Trip_Day 4

Sunday 10th November 2013 – Uluru I woke up early and saw the beautiful colours of dawn. We drove quickly to Uluru. Here it is when in shade. And just before sunrise. There were a lot of people at the Sunrise spot. Here comes the sun! 05:50am. Here it is. 05:52am. Uluru in the first … More Uluru Trip_Day 4

Uluru Trip_Day 3

Saturday 9th November 2013 – From Kings Creek to Uluru. Walking around Kings Creek Station in the morning, I came across this funny scene of The Camel and The Donkey. I saw also some galahs nearby. We refueled before to head off. Unleaded: 2.36 dollars per litre! Here is the view at the gat. Beautiful … More Uluru Trip_Day 3

Uluru Trip_Day 2

Friday 8th November 2013 – Glen Helen to Kings Canyon. Beautiful sunrise at Glen Helen. I learned a lot about Glen Helen by reading this sign located there! Wide-angle shots near the Gorge. Some people went swimming here in the morning. Looking to the right. I was hoping to see some Black-footed Rock Wallabies that … More Uluru Trip_Day 2

Uluru Trip_Day 1

Wed 6th Nov 2013 / Thu 7th Nov 2013 On Wednesday after work, I took the plane from Brisbane to Sydney in the evening, walked 20 minutes from the airport to the Ibis hotel where I met my parents around 10pm and where we stayed for the night.  On Thursday, we woke up early and … More Uluru Trip_Day 1