Uluru Trip_Day 2

Friday 8th November 2013 – Glen Helen to Kings Canyon.

Beautiful sunrise at Glen Helen.

Sunrise Glen Helen

I learned a lot about Glen Helen by reading this sign located there!


Wide-angle shots near the Gorge. Some people went swimming here in the morning.

Glen Helen Gorge

Looking to the right.

Glen Helen Gorge

I was hoping to see some Black-footed Rock Wallabies that can be spotted here apparently, but I didn’t saw any. I saw some funny birds instead. There were really tiny and walked really fast!


Sadly some have been put in cage at the resort. It’s the first time I saw in Australia those beautiful birds in cage. They looked really sad. Why would you put in cage so beautiful birds when you can see them flying all the time in the nature all around you?

Cage birds

Time to refuel before to go at the Resort’s petrol station: one pump of Unleaded! 2.20 dollars per litre! Wouh!


On our way to Kings Canyon, headed off around 10.30am.

We saw three cows crossing the road. Other than that, not a single kangaroo in sight around here!


From closer.


We stopped at a look-out where we could see Gosse Bluff (also called Tnorala)  in the background.

Gosse Bluff

There is an Aboriginal legend about the way Tnorala was created, as a baby craddle which fell from the Milky Way and landed on Earth and created these rocks.

Tnorala legend

There is also a scientific explanation for Tnorala. It could be a crater created by a comet which crashed to earth 140 million of years ago.

tnorala scientific explanation

The landscape from that lookout was beautiful.


Back on the road, we hit the dirt road soon.

dirt road

Not sure it will stay an exotic dirt road for that long though!

dirt road

A termite mount.


The landscape


We saw those strange melons all along the road! When we asked in the evening at Kings Creek Resort, they told us that they had been brought by seeds spread from camels but sadly were not edible!

strange melon

Before to go walk at Kings Canyon, we stopped to refuel and for a coffee. The rest area places there were given funny names.


This looked a bit more like a real petrol station.

petrol station

There was a funny surfboard in a corner where we had a coffee.

cow surf

Back on the road, such a beautiful landscape.


A lot of strange trees which some kind of moss falling from the branches.

strange trees

We got to the beginning of the walks and as it was getting quite late already, so we opted for the Kings Creek walk.


View of the area when walking on Kings Creek walk.


Nice shady path surrounded by white Eucalyptus trees.


Beautiful rock layers.


View of the towering canyon rim.


Lots of flies there! It’s great to have a hat with a net as flies can drive you nuts by coming every second on your face to suck any drop of humidity they can find.


We left Kings Canyon and drove towards Kings Creek Resort where we were going to stay for the night. The surrounding landscape was absolutely stunning.

from campground

We got there an hour before sunset. Here was one of the insect I ran into on the campground.


There was a pool at Kings Creek resort and after a day in the dry heat of the Outback it was awsome to jump in it!