Sao Paulo

Thursday 24th December 2015 I slept in and woke up around 9.30am. Here was the room style of the hostel where I was staying called Viva Hostel Design: The locker The shower had a timer and each minute it would bip, reminding you that in a city of 11 million people, water was precious. View … More Sao Paulo

Iguazu Falls – Brazil

Thursday 29th October 2015 We met at 7.30am in the brekky area of the hostel. It was a buffet style with so many things! The fruits and juices look so amazing but I still had my controllable diarrhea catching me every single time I was going to toilets so I sticked to cakes and drinking … More Iguazu Falls – Brazil

Santa Cruz to Campo Grande

Monday 26th October 2015 evening The journey to Campo Grande started by arriving at 7.30pm at Santa Cruz terminal bus station as I was told by Mauricio, the guy who sold me the ticket…and realising that the bus was leaving only at…9pm!!! Thanks….Anyway. It was interesting to observe how buzzying the station was at night. … More Santa Cruz to Campo Grande