From Ushuaia to BA to Sao Paulo

Wednesday 23rd December 2015

Left the Antarctica hostel and its cosy lounge around 7.30am.
DSCF6836 (Medium).JPG
We got into the taxi to the Ushuaia airport with Aurelien, the French guy flying back to France through a different route. Last view of Ushuaia from the airport.
DSCF6845 (Medium).JPG
Queuing at the LAN counter.
DSCF6850 (Medium).JPG
Getting into the waiting area.
DSCF6851 (Medium).JPG
Getting into the plane.
DSCF6853 (Medium).JPG
View of  the Ushuaia airport from the plane. Ready for the 9.30am take-off!
DSCF6855 (Medium).JPG
Last look at Ushuaia from the plane.
DSCF6857 (Medium).JPG
About to take off.
DSCF6859 (Medium).JPG
And here we were! Off to Buenos Aires. 3h30 of flight.
Ushuaia to Buenos Aires.gif
We passed over the Beagle Channel.
DSCF6865 (Medium).JPG
We saw the Navarino Island.
DSCF6866 (Medium).JPG
Snowy mountains.
DSCF6868 (Medium).JPG
Puerto Williams.
DSCF6869 (Medium).JPG
Navarino National Park on hte left. Ushuaia over there somewhere under the clouds.
DSCF6870 (Medium).JPG
Zoom on the snowy peaks.
DSCF6872 (Medium).JPG
Beautiful mountains.
DSCF6875 (Medium).JPG
Passed above a lake. Maybe Lake Escondido. It was was funny to see that the clouds were all around the lake but not above the lake.
DSCF6878 (Medium).JPG
We reached the open sea.
DSCF6881 (Medium).JPG
We got served some snacks. One of my last alfajore.
DSCF6885 (Medium).JPG
And soon we were arriving in Buenos Aires.
DSCF6894 (Medium).JPG
Passing above one of its famous stadium.
DSCF6897 (Medium).JPG
We got off the plane.
DSCF6901 (Medium).JPG
Went inside and checked out the boards. It was 12.30pm and my next plane was at 3pm for Sao Paulo. I looked at this board thinking: Asuncion no, Bariloche yes, Com. Rivadavia no, Cordoba no, El Calafate yes, Iguazu yes, La Rioja no, Mar del Plata no, Mendoza yes, Montevideo no, Neuquen no, Posadas no. Uhm. Still a lot of places to go tooo!!!
DSCF6902 (Medium).JPG
Looking at the next board I realsied that apart from Santiago de Chile, I had been to none of these places either!! Indeed, so much to see in this world!! San Pablo. Tam. 15:05. Here was my flight. Gate 21.
DSCF6903 (Medium).JPG

Before to head to the gate, I bought a quiche lorraine for lunch. Yummy.
DSCF6904 (Medium).JPG
Boarding for San Pablo.
DSCF6905 (Medium).JPG
Getting into the bus.
DSCF6906 (Medium).JPG
Getting onto the plane.
DSCF6908 (Medium).JPG
Inside the plane.
DSCF6909 (Medium).JPG

Here was the flight journey from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo.
Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo.gif

Leaving Buenos Aires.
DSCF6910 (Medium).JPG
View from the plane. Boring.
DSCF6913 (Medium).JPGA bit more interesting.
DSCF6919 (Medium).JPG
Arriving in Sao Paulo alias San Pablo at 6.30pm.
DSCF6930 (Medium).JPG
Picking up the backpack.
DSCF6930 (Medium).JPG
Getting into a taxi.
DSCF6932 (Medium).JPG
On the road.
DSCF6934 (Medium).JPG
Approaching the centre.
DSCF6937 (Medium).JPG

And soon at the hostel where the weather was humid and hot, so different from the dry and coldish Ushuaia weather from the end of the end of the world. Luckily, the room had good air conditioning. It was strange to be catapulted from Ushuaia to Brazil. I don’t speak Portuguese and it was very frustrating to not be able to communicate anymore apart from very basic English sentences. I tried my Spanish but apparently Brazilian have no desire to learn Spanish, ahah. I walked in the street to a pizzeria, had a pizza and then went back to the hostel and did some WiFi in the lounge and had a Brazilian beer with a German guy who was at the beginning of his trip and soon off to some music festival. Then went to bed.

Next day, one day to explore San Pablo before the next plane for Europe at 8pm!