Sao Paulo

Thursday 24th December 2015 I slept in and woke up around 9.30am. Here was the room style of the hostel where I was staying called Viva Hostel Design: The locker The shower had a timer and each minute it would bip, reminding you that in a city of 11 million people, water was precious. View … More Sao Paulo

Ushuaia – Beagle Channel

Monday 21st December 2015 I was at the pier around 8am and the first picture I took was from “The World”, on the of the cruise ship which had stopped here and that I could easily imagine going to Antarctica. Ushuaia seen from the pier walk. Provocative statement: Capital de las Malvinas. Pretty developed Ushuaia. … More Ushuaia – Beagle Channel

Ushuaia – Yamana Museum

Sunday 20th December 2015 afternoon After the Museum del Fin del Mundo, I went to the Yamana Museum. First, it explained how about 14,000 years ago (12,000 years BC), there was much more glaciers everywhere and the sea water level was 100 meters lower than now. It investigated the question: Why was America the last … More Ushuaia – Yamana Museum