Ushuaia – Yamana Museum

Sunday 20th December 2015 afternoon

After the Museum del Fin del Mundo, I went to the Yamana Museum.
DSCF6091 (Medium).JPG

First, it explained how about 14,000 years ago (12,000 years BC), there was much more glaciers everywhere and the sea water level was 100 meters lower than now.

It investigated the question: Why was America the last continent to be populated by humans?
DSCF6096 (Medium).JPG

It looked into the human migration and how the continents had evolved.

The second part talked about the Yamanas and how they lived.
DSCF6121 (Medium).JPG
One thing I found interesting was the fact that because they were squatting most of the time, then that would create use wrinkles on their knees!
DSCF6122 (Medium).JPG
The knees and postures.
DSCF6123 (Medium).JPG
There were lots of interesting photos and explanations about the way they used to live in harmony with the fierce nature of Patagonia. Two miniaturists artists, Danielle Verse from Belgium and Perla Maggioni from Rio Negro, Argentina, had done an amazing job in recreating the world of the Yaghans in miniature. It was really nice to see this setup.

There were also detailed maps of where the first settlers lived and sometimes helped Yamanas or where some interactions went wrong.

After the Yamana Museum, I walked to the old prison to see it but didn’t feel like another museum so just had a quick look around.

It was 6pm and I had enough. I went back to the WiFi place and spent the evening preparing blog articles and catching up with friends on What’s App. Then went back to the hostel and chatted to room-mates and went to sleep around 11pm.

Next day, off on the Beagle Channel to go check it out!