Kalaw to Nyaungshwe

Sunday 25th March bus to Kalaw The bus picked us up at 4am at the hotel in Bagan. We were the first people to board it. It then went all around, hotel after hotel, to pick up all travellers. Great VIP service! We were only tourists in this bus. The funny thing is that it … More Kalaw to Nyaungshwe

Northern Lao: Phongsaly

18th January I was in Udomxai and I took the bus to Phongsali the next morning. My friends from Muang Sing went to Nong Khiaw and other people to Luang Prabang. So I was the only “falang” (foreign) in the bus, which felt great. In the bus there was a woman who had 2 elephants, … More Northern Lao: Phongsaly