Kalbarri National Park

Sunday 13th May Kalbarri National Park

Here is a picture of the wicked on the “rest area” where we had slept.

where we slept

In front, across the road, was this beautiful landscape.


Here is the part of the map we drove that day, from Horrocks to the coast to see the coastal cliffs of Kalbarri and then inside the park, stopping in the evening near Euradyn petrol station.


We hit the road, and saw this time our first sign of flooding metering. There are two seasons in Western Australia: the Dry and the Wet. During the Wet, it can pour so much water that the roads get completely flooded, and these flood metering help the cars estimate if they can drive in it or if it is too much water for them to cross.

flooding meter

The road was gorgeous again, with some sea view from times to times on the left.

road with sea

And some beautiful countryside too on the right.


We stopped at the beach in Port Gregory.


There were some plants there that can be of many colours, green, pink, orange, purple, red.


Then we drove nearby to the Pink Lake. The lake is pink because of some carotene plants that give it that colour. I had never seen a pink lake, it was really fascinating. Here is the wicked camper close to the lake.

pink lake

The water was really pink, although apparently, it looks even more pink on more sunny days!

pink water

There were some beautiful birds in another little lake nearby.


We drove to other side where there were some kind of sea salt ponds, another beautiful landscape.


Then we drove to Kabarri’s coastal cliffs and walked a bit of the Bigurda Trail.

Bigurda Trail

In front of us was Island Rock.

Island Rock

We took the path on the left. The coast looked a bit like in French Brittany, although I am not sure that we put such man-made path there, but saying that, we don’t have that dangerous spiders or snakes there.

walking on the path

The cliffs were really gorgeous.


We went to see Natural Bridge.

Natural Bridge

From that view point, we spotted about 15-20 dolphins swimming in direction of the shore.


There was in the sky some ospreys, including one which had caught some lizard and was looking at it tight in his claws, probably to eat it.


We drove away and went to another view point called Red Bluff, because of the red colour of its high cliffs that sea explorers would look for from afar as a landmark. The view there was stunning too. Here it is when looking on the left.

Red Bluff

And here when looking on the right.

Red Bluff on the right

We drove inside Kalbarri National Park and stopped at a view point called The Loop to see the incredible view over the valley. It was one of the most beautiful landscape I saw during that roadtrip. Here is the view on the right.

The Loop

And the view on the left.


We drove a bit further to another view point called Nature’s Window.

Nature's Window

The stone we found there was made of layers and layers of different red stones.

layers of stones

Here was the view on the left.


We saw the sunset from the road, behind some trees.


We stopped outside of Kalbarri National Park on a basic rest area near the Euradyn Petrol Station. It was free of charge but providing toilets and a fireplace in which wood fire could be safely used,

Tomorrow, going to Shark Bay!