Time to go explore and blog again!

Sunday 25th September 2016

It’s been 8 months since I came back to Australia from my South America trip about which I blogged here: pominsouthamerica.wordpress.com.

I moved from Brisbane to Sydney, to Manly in particular and started life from scratch again. I found a houseshare and a job, then 3 months into them, changed again for a better houseshare and a better job. Settling down took a while and I didn’t take much photos or explore that much.

When I travel for months, every single day is unstable, beautiful and magic, but unstable. I get to meet so many new people, see so many places and take so many photos. It is truly overwhelming. When I come back to stability, I am somehow flat out, burnt out for a few months which can be several months. I don’t want to explore. I don’t want to pick up my camera. I just want a routine, some stability, no photographying, no writing, just stabilising, in a job, in a house, making friends and doing regular activities. Not going anywhere. Even just that beach 5 kilometers north? Nope, sorry. Even just that 3-hour walk nearby? Not that either. I am burnt out. Totally. My desire of exploring dies for a bit. My energy focuses on stability, recovering, focusing on the essential bits, food, shelter, job, making friends.

Plus, the winter in Sydney is way colder than the winter in Brisbane. Europe people would joke, come on, 8-10 degrees is not that cold. True…when you have bloody central heating in your house and can put a winter coat on and come back to a warm house!!! Australians must be nuts. They haven’t learnt about central heating. This Sydney winter from mid-May to mid-September was for me the worst winter ever. I wasn’t prepared!! I didn’t invest in a good radiator, neither in a good super-super-warm blanket. I could have but you know by the time I realised that, there were only a few weeks left of winter. Why bother. So I got the flu, the real flu, which knocked me down for a week. I felt I was going to die. I spent at some point 36 hours in bed with no ability to do anything else than sleep and just drag myself to the toilets. I got to experience what the flu is, like so many here during the winter, and now I understand how older people could die from it!!

Spring is coming. I have stabilised. And my desire of exploring and getting out there and picking up my camera is slowly coming back. Yeah!

This is it! It’s now time to start again to go explore and blog again to share with you more adventures!

Watch this space! 🙂

Note: The Featured Image has been borrowed from the following website’s article. Copyright Mindfueldaily.com: http://www.mindfueldaily.com/livewell/4-quotes-about-exploring-the-world-and-ourselves



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