Hiking Kosciuszko – Day 3

Monday 20th March 2017

We woke at the campground of Nimmitabel.
DSCF6212 (Medium).JPG
There was a bit of fog in the morning and the sky was just white.
DSCF6213 (Medium).JPG
We found some wild blackberries and washed some and added them into our brekky cereal bowls but they didn’t taste that good actually.
DSCF6214 (Medium).JPG
A bed and breakfast building in Nimmitabel.
DSCF6215 (Medium).JPG
We hit the road around 10am. Here was our full 500km drive for that day coming back to Sydney which Google says takes about 6h30 drive but took us about 7h30 drive as we stopped in a few places.
nimmitabel to sydney.gif
Here was the first section of our drive.
nimmitabel to bodalla.gif
We would have liked to make a detour to go see Tathra which is reputed to be beautiful but it would have added probably an hour to the journey to go down there then up the coast so we decided to leave it for another time. We drove mostly through a couple of forests until Narooma.

Arriving in Narooma, we passed the Nagundga Lake.

DSCF6236 (Medium).JPG
Then we drove above the bridge above the Wagonga Inlet which sea colour looked very inviting.
DSCF6238 (Medium).JPGHere on a map.
around Narooma.gif
We arrived in Bodalla and did some cheese tasting and bought three different types of feta with herbs to add to our wraps for lunch. Perfect timing!

After Bodalla, we just drove and drove and drove. The road started being a bit more packed the closest we were getting to Sydney. We had a quick stop to stretch our legs at a rest area where there were some signs giving some information about the Dharawal People.

We dropped the car around 6.30pm and then stopped at Museum station, found a nice bench in Hyde Park and ate our left-overs and beautiful Bodalla cheese for dinner.

Here we were, back in Sydney, after climbing to the highest point of mainland Australia, Mount Kosciuszko, at 2,228 m high!

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