Novosibirsk Day 3

Friday 28th July 2017

In the morning, I observed the great view of the surroundings from Anna’s flat which was located on the 14th floor. I noticed the garbage truck putting all bins into it. Hopefully one day, Russia catches up on the Recycling Movement which has been around since years now all around the world!

I woke up and went for a walk to the post-office through the park where the fountain was but there was way less people than two days before.

Then I walked to the Nicholas Roerich museum but as it was closed, I could only get a glimpse of its paintings through the copies sold near the museum shop.


Then I went to the State Art Museum to discover the work of Russian painters.

After that, it was time to head to the train station. I walked back and saw from far a photography exhibition about Russian people, a tram, some street graffiti and some Art Deco building.

Then I took a taxi and got to the train station. I had to queue at the counter to change my paper ticket into some other train ticket type and it took forever. I was really glad that all other train tickets I had booked online were e-ticket which required no involvement with the train station counters! Then I boarded the train 67 and off we were on time at 5.06pm, in the direction of Ekaterinburg.

In my compartment was a Russian couple in their seventies who spoke no English and were with their grand-daughter who was 16 and spoke a bit of English. We tried to communicate a bit and I heard lots of Russian and tried to understand a few words with dictionary in hand. The landscape alternated trees and fields, churches and rivers. We stopped in some train stations where people went down to buy some food and where some women were selling various goods, dried fish, hats, scarves to the passengers.

The night fell and the train continued…off to Ekaterinburg!

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