My name is Anne.

I am French, I am now 30 years old, and worked the last 3 years and half in London as a business analyst. I am also an amateur passionate Street Photographer who participated in the Street Photography Now Project, and I am part of the SPNC on Flickr.

I always dreamt of going travelling for a long non-stop period, and I finally did it!  Yihaaaa!

The beauty of this trip was to never plan anything ahead at all…Apart from buying a single ticket from London to Bangkok 2 months before to go, and apart from only one time booking a month in advance the tickets for Burma, I just went where my feet and people I met took me.

This is the most beautiful luxury you can have when you have time to afford it: Never plan! Be flexible! Be AGILE as we say in my business analysis world. Because there is only one thing you can be 100% sure off: You will never ever know what tomorrow is made off and which surprises it has for you in its hat. So, be ready to adapt to the Unexpected.

So…Don’t be afraid…Let the surprise happen, be open to it and listen to the signs. Always let the door open and moving. That gives you the biggest freedom ever, and by doing that, it gives more chance for imprevisible and wonderful magic moments to take place.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all countries of the world. You do have to plan ahead correctly for some, like if you want to go to Tibet or Russia for example, where I haven’t been yet. But when it comes to South-East Asia, apart from doing your visa in advance for Vietnam and Burma, the rest is on arrival for most and all countries are easy to travel with no plan!

So far, the last 8 months, here is where the wind took me:

– 2 weeks in France
– 4 days in Bangkok
– 6 weeks in Cambodia
– 10 days in Thailand
– 5 weeks in Laos
– 3 weeks in Vietnam
– 4 weeks in Burma
– 2 weeks in Malaysia
– 3 weeks in Indonesia in Flores
– 4 weeks in Western Australia
– 2 weeks in Indonesia in La Petite Képa close to Alor

And now? Just arrived in Brisbane with a Gold Premium Exclusive and Wonderful one year working holiday visa in my pocket. After seeing a bit of the marvels of Australia on the West Coast, I felt like coming to see a bit of the East Coast too of this amazing continent. And discover their working culture. And get into a routine again, for a bit. And who knows where the wind will take me next…

I hope you enjoy reading the articles I wrote so far, and if you don’t have time to read them, you can always just look at the pictures like most of my friends do, you lazy people! Ahahahah!

If you want to get in touch, please email me at littlepetitepom_at_gmail.com

Thanks for visiting this blog! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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