Arequipa to Arica

Saturday 3rd October 2015 I woke up around 5am and the first thing I did was to check out tips online about the border crossing between Peru and Chile. Sometimes, border crossing can be tricky, sometimes stressful. Better know which scams to avoid, if there is any! I found this really good detailed explanation of … More Arequipa to Arica


Tuesday 29th September 2015 I went for brekky on the terrace in the morning and Chachani was looking beautiful in the morning light. And El Misti too! And we could see the third volcano in the morning, Pichu Pichu! Here is a view from the terrace of Punta Grau street on which the hostel entrance … More Arequipa

Lima to Arequipa

Monday 28th September 2015 At 4pm I grabbed a random taxi from the street and off I was to the airport. I can only laugh again about how scared I was when I landed in Lima for the first time a few weeks before, arriving from Bogota. I had been warned by many travellers and by … More Lima to Arequipa