Maumere Sanur

Monday 7th May Maumere to Bali We were at 7am at the airport. What a small airport it was, funny! Here is the room for the check-in of luggages. Here is the waiting room. And that’s it! While waiting, we started a killing-mosquitoes competition with Michael. There were soooo many flying around that it was … More Maumere Sanur

Last day

Sunday 6th May Last day We didn’t do much that day. Slept over, gave another laundry to do, wrote a bit of blog, went to buy Magnum ice cream and chocolate at the air-conditioned supermarket. We walked around a bit also. There was something strange in that city of Maumere, we couldn’t get a good … More Last day

Moni Days 2 and 3

Sunday 29th April Moni I picked up Uly and Hans at sunrise around 6.30am at their aunt’s house. They were still a bit sleepy. We started walking to Kelimutu and the three of us had sore legs and feet and walked quite slowly. After all, they are only 12 and 10! Although they are used … More Moni Days 2 and 3

Moni Day 1

Friday 27th April Bajawa to Moni I took the bemo going to Moni at 6.30am. When I entered it, the music was already really loud and 5 cigarettes were lit in it. Luckily, I managed to get a window seat. I hate the cigarette. It’s not that I don’t like the cigarette. I really, really … More Moni Day 1


Thursday 26th April Bajawa I started the day with a breakfast in the living room downstairs. An ojek guide with some cool rasta called Marselino came to seat with me and offered me to take me around Bajawa and the traditional villages for the day. Half-hour later, we were on the road. We started the … More Bajawa


Tuesday 24th April Here is a map of the entire island of Flores. Here is a map of Western Flores, to give you an idea of where Labuanbajo, Ruteng and Bajawa are. I stood in front of Komodo Cruises around 6.40am waiting for the local minivan (called bemo here) for Ruteng to pass. Jan, the … More Ruteng

Labuanbajo 3 days diving

Thursday 19th April We checked out at noon, took the sky train and then a bus to the airport. Our flight for Denpasar was in the afternoon. We arrived in Denpasar on Bali around 6pm. We went directly to the domestic terminal to purchase tickets to Labuanbajo on Flores but the counters were closed. We … More Labuanbajo 3 days diving