Guayaquil to Huaraz

Tuesday 8th September 2015 Guayaquil We got to Guayaquil airport and walked to Guayaquil bus terminal which is about 10-15 minutes walk from the airport. There Patrick bought a ticket to go to Banos the next day around noon as it is a 9-hour journey he was not too keen on jumping on a bus … More Guayaquil to Huaraz

Guayaquil – 2 days

Sunday 23rd August 2015 I went walking around Guayaquil to discover the city and also search for tours going to the Galapagos. Here is the police station at the corner of the hostal. Guayaquil looks very American, wide streets, square skyscrapers. Wide pavements like in America. Same type of lights in the streets. On one … More Guayaquil – 2 days

Lima to Guayaquil

Friday 21st August 2015 afternoon Jumped in a taxi around 1pm off to the Cruz del Sur bus terminal. Some taxi drivers like this one prefer to have an iron box around them to make sure they can`t get hurt by dangerous passengers!! Off on the road! The Cruz del Sur bus terminal Checking in … More Lima to Guayaquil