Galapagos Cruise Day 1 – Morning

Tuesday 25th August 2015

With Patrick, we woke up at 5.40am and the taxi picked us up at 6am.
The taxi guy was actually a bit late and we were wondering if we should call another one when he finally turned up.
He drove like crazy to the Guayaquil airport, which we didn`t like too much. We got there at 6.15am.


First, we went to the Galapagos National Park counter to pay the 20 dollars and register ourselves.
Next to that counter was an x-ray check of the luggage which helps the National Park
control that no seeds or dirt gets introduced.


Waiting for the TAME plane of 8.10am going from Guayaquil to Baltra Island Airport near Santa Cruz island.


Our plane arrived to disembark passengers and pick us up!


Ready to board the plane to the Gaaaalaaaapaaaagooooss!!


Off to Baltra Island, which is an island north of Santa Cruz.


I remember how we did like this girl, stopping in the alley to get our last breath of WiFi before to have none for a week. WiFi has become like oxygen, crazy how we get addicted to it!


Bye-bye Guayaquil!

bye guayaquil

The form you have to fill in the plane

DSCF1340 (Medium)

They ask you to tick the three main thing you will do there. But we wanted to do all, so why limit to three??!!!


Snack we got in the plane


I liked this advert in their magazine. Viaje, the travel, can be done and enjoyed in so many ways!


The plane ride was not as nice the Lima Cusco one, no crazy mountains to see, mostly just boring clouds. We got there and saw a bit of the first island.


And more islands, these are North Seymour and Daphne as I was to discover later.

DSCF1365 (Medium)

And I am not sure, but it feels like one of these 2 boats was the San Jose boat on which we were about to board!

cruise boats

About to land




Wind mills. The Baltra airport runs entirely on sun and wind energy, pretty cool! Some more info here if interested:


We are in the Ga-La-Pa-Gos!!!!! Youhouu!!! Just disembarked from the plane.


The airport


The cactus looks like Mickey Mouse. Temperature is nice, maybe 25 degrees, and dry, not humid as in Guayaquil!


Yep, we are. Welcome to the Galapagos. Welcome to Paradise. 😀


Our baggages go through an x-ray check again and then we are off.


We are searching for a sign saying San Jose but there are none. Our guide was quietly waiting for us, second guy here from the left in brown shirt.


While waiting that everyone arrived with the morning plane, we seat. I remember looking at those photos and wondering if we were about to see the same stuff when snorkeling during the cruise!


I felt dizzy there waiting, had to drink a big coke. I hate when I feel like I am going to faint!! But it went away and after everyone arrived, off we went to the bus taking us to the boat.

Our Galapagos 8-day cruise was about to start!