From Exmouth to Tom Price

Saturday 19th May From Exmouth to Tom Price

In the morning, Michael went for 2 more dives at the Ningaloo Reef. I would have liked to join him but I was hesitating as it was quite expensive, and on top I had this cold and felt it wouldn’t be such a good thing to do. We dropped Michael, and then went with Chrissy to a little airport where scenic flights were offered.

Here is the little plane he went in with the pilot.

bird eye

The pilot was a young guy in his late thirties who had learned to drive these “bird eyes” with his dad since he was a teenager and had continued the business. What a great lifestyle! Once he ordered a new one which was being made in Melbourne, so he flew there on board of a normal plane and then flew back with this little plane to bring it back. His fantastic trip back took him 14 days! What a great view he must have had!

After his scenic flight and Michael’s dives, we had some lunch and hit the road again. It was time to drive to Karijini National Park! Here is the map showing roughly the road we were going to take the next few days. From Exmouth, we had to come back first a bit on the road we had come from, before to exit on our left at the junction, to continue in the direction of Tom Price, the entry point to Karijini.


This long straight road with no cars on it, and an incredible landscape left and right, only nature, the wild one, with no one around. Incredible Australia.


There were again quite a few termite mounts on our way.

termite mounts

At some point, it was a bit hilly on the side, with this gorgeous red ground and green bushes.

red and green

In front of us, the landscape started changing with some more hills appearing.


We passed some great little hill.

little hill

There was this beautiful landscape on the left side.


At some point on the road, close to the junction, we refilled our tank. At the petrol station was a cool dog on the driver’s seat of a huge blue truck.


Nearby was a beautiful river.


While walking back from the bridge from which we had taken photos of the river, there was this huge road train hitting the road.

road train

The shadows were getting really long.


We saw the sunset from the car.


Around 6.30pm, a group of cows crossed the road in front of us. Luckily Michael who was the co-driver had spotted them from really far, and Chrissy could stop on time.

The road was unsealed, and aroud 9.30pm, we got a flat tyre.

flat tyre

It took us a bit of time to change it as we didn’t know that the thing to push up the car needed to be turned until it was completely straight. That was a Chinese model, different from other models.

We arrived around 10.30pm in Tom Price, and parked the car on the rest area near the petrol station and slept there.

Tomorrow, let’s fix the tyre and go discover Karijini!!!