Karijini Broome and around

Tuesday 22nd May

We were now east of Karijini, ready to take the road North until Port Hedland and then east again, following the coast until Broome. Here is the map again, with the right half part of the map showing some of the itinerary we did.


We woke up at dawn.


We hit the road, and the first part of the trip was as stunning as the previous days.


We saw a lot of roadtrains as usual, most of them carrying minerals from the mines.


Gorgeous landscape on the right.


Some rock formation on the left, a few of these.


We passed some rivers, like this one.


The rest of the road was quite flat, although interesting each time there were some “mirage” until lunch time.


We stopped for lunch on the beach called “80 miles beach, which is 80 miles long (128 kilometers). And no one around! Here is the beach on the left.

beach left side

And on the right.

beach right side

The rest of the road trip was flat and not changing much. The road between Port Hedland and Broome is reputed to be a 600 kilometers boring flat road, although for us it still remained this exciting mysterious wild Australia, and we still enjoyed this stillness. We stopped a few minutes to say our everyday traditional good-bye to the sun, behind the trees again.


I had fun taking some long-exposure photos, like this one.


And drawing some shapes in the sky with Venus as my pen, like this little girl.

little girl

We arrived in Broome around 7pm and met Francesca, a friend of Chrissy, at the entrance of the camping. Michael and I went to do some food shopping for a nice evening meal while Chrissy and Francesca were catching up after a long time not seen. Then we had some food and stayed there for the night.

Wednesday 23rd May

We started the day by going to Cable Beach to chill out a bit.

Cable Beach

It is quite a nice beach, especially when the tide goes up and some stripe of sand remains surrounded by water like here.

Cable Beach

Then we went for some food shopping to fill up the car for the next 8 days before to hit the road again. While we drove around Western Australia, we saw a few aboriginals each time in the cities, but I never get myself to photograph them. Although I like Street Photography, I feel awkward in this situation, not sure how they would react. A lot of them seem to be lost, and their original culture is so different from the Western one that it must be a really strong culture shock for them, the same as the Indians in America.


After this shopping, we were ready to hit the road. Here is the map of what we drove the next days.


Actually, we started first by driving a bit north of Broome first, in the direction of Cap Leveque, that we would have loved to see, but couldn’t as you need a 4-wheel drive and high clearance to get on the road going there. In Western Australia, your car is your power and determines where you can go and what you can do.

So after a few 20-30 kilometers, we just found a beach that we could access by foot after walking in some muddy sand.

to the beach

There were a lot of little crabs in that sand which were making holes by putting away little balls of mud we could see all around the hole.


We arrived at that beach. Again, nothing on the left.

beach left

And nothing on the right.

beach right

The sea was beautiful in the sun.


There was this tiny “hermit crab” which was walking in the sand to the sea. A long journey for him.

hermit crab

Walking a bit to the right, we arrived at some stone castles which were gorgeous.

sand castles

We stayed quite a bit walking around them. There was this pair of birds nearby who were fishing with their long red neck that could get the food outside of the sand.


At some point, they flew away.

flying away

While walking around, I almost walked on an octopus which was really well hidden in the sand.


There were a few sea spiders in some holes, very lazy ones, not moving at all when touched.

sea spiders

Behind the stone castles were some more holes filled with water. It felt like being in another world.

sand castles and holes

It was already 4pm, time to move away and start driving towards the East. We saw the sunset from the road again, behind the trees.


We stopped a bit later on a basic rest area, on the road before to reach the junction going up to Derby or straight to Fitzroy Crossing, somewhere close to Willare Bridge House.

Tomorrow, going to some parts of Devonian National Park!