Karijini Day 2

Monday 21st May Karijini Day 2

We woke up early. Here were the beautiful colours of sunrise.


First, we drove back to Tom Price. We had first beautiful Mount Bruce again in front of us.

Mount Bruce

The landscape back to Tom Price in the morning was gorgeous.


and the road too…


We arrived at the tyre shop. We called Wicked Campers and they paid the tyre over the phone, and we got our 160 AU dollars back in cash. Then we drove back again to Karijini, this time further east, to Dale’s Gorge. Beautiful landscape always.


Another gorgeous view of the surroundings.


We got to Dale’s Gorge around 11:30am as the distances are quite high in the park. We had some lunch first on the parking. Here were 2 birds I had not seen so far, probably the male and female.


We went to the view point and enjoyed the view of the hills and plains in the bottom.


We started the walk. The trees were really gorgeous.


Especially the white tree with the red background behind.

white tree

We arrived at the bottom and walked on the stones.

walking on stones

These stones were really gorgeous.


At the top, we could see a tree which seemed to have leaves made of sparkling white silver. It looked magic.

magic tree

We saw a lot of wildlife during our walk. A beautiful little blue butterfly.


A lizard.


Some nice spiders, like this one with a really cool web, which seems electrified all around her.


An original grasshopper, red and black! I had never seen one with these colours.


On the rock were some very ancient Aboriginal carvings, like this little car they used way before us, dating from about 100,000 years ago. Yep, I guarantee you, 100% authentic and certified.

old car

We also saw an iguan, but he moved away really quickly. Michael and Chrissy were the first to spot it. Chrissy screamed like a girl when the iguan ran to him as he got really surprised. Ahah, that was really funny.


Some nice black and white bird.


Some golden little ant.

golden ant

Some beautiful white tree on top of the red mountain, what a gorgeous contrast of colours!

white tree on the red earth

Some nice fresh water pool, with a little waterfall falling in it. We didn’t swim in that one though.

swimming pool

Some prehistorical footprint near the waterfall.


Some incredible banyan tree on the way to another pool.

banyan tree

This other pool called Fern Pool in which we swam. The water was not that cold, luckily.

Fern Pool

Some flying foxes hanging in the tree. The first time I saw some! Yeah!

flying foxes

Some beautiful landscape, once we were back up.


We missed the sunset again, but enjoyed the stunning after-sunset colours.

after sunset

We drove further east, exited the park, and slept on a rest area near the petrol station on that east side.

Tomorrow, ready for 1,000 kilometers drive to Broome! Time is running away unfortunately, we have to hurry!