Road Trip North – Day 4

Saturday 21st March 2015

We woke up in Noosa and headed first to Noosa Hills for a walk around Noosa Headlands, on the Tanglewood Track and on the Coastal Track.


The walk took us through dryer landscape with sandy ground.


We saw a couple of strangler figs.

strangler fig

A couple of grass trees.

grass trees

A lot of banksia trees with their easily recognisable cone flower.


The lookout from Hell’s Gate was beautiful.


On the left was the view of Picnic Cove and Winch cove.


Picnic Cove seen from another angle.


After Dolphin Point, where we didn’t see dolphins (but we didn’t stay long there either!), we saw Tea Tree Bay from the Boiling Pot’s lookout.


Back at the car park, right next to our car, was the biggest iguana I had seen so far, walking in the bush and disappearing really quickly!


Off we were from Noosa to Eumundi and then to Kenilworth and Charlie Moreland in Conondale National Park.

Noosa Eumundi Conondale NP

We got to Eumundi Market quite late, although it was nice to see its setting, old tree and dimensions.

Eumundi Market

We had a quick walk in the market which looked really beautiful with all the umbrellas.


We had just enough time to grab some sugar cane juice and some lunch.There was a carpet python in a tree which apparently had just eaten a possum! We can see on the photo how fat he is at some point of his body. He was probably going to stay digesting in that tree for a couple of hours.

carpet python

Off we were to Kenilworth, Beautiful countryside landscape even if cloudy.


Some cool small mountains.


We stopped there to buy some food to have a barbie in the evening. There was a rainbow lorikeet in a beautiful swamp blood wood tree.


We took a gravel road heading to Charlie Moreland.

gravel road

There we swam in the river. It was really great after a hot day!


Then we walked on the Picabeen Circuit. It was an awesome walk.

Charlie Moreland screenshot

It was a bit adventurous as there were not many signs indicating if we were on the right track. There were also some funny moments like crossing the river, yeah!

crossing the river

We saw a cool spider.


And some Picabeen palm trees indeed.


Then we crossed the river again at some other point.


We got lost though and couldn’t find the way back! We were walking on the sand bank in the middle. It was getting really dark. We saw dozen of black cockatoes which was really magic as these birds are quite rare, none of them can be seen in Brisbane. It was too dark and they were far in the trees so I could not take any shot, I could not even see if they were yellow-tail or red-tail black cockatoes. Lucky while trying to find where we had missed the track, we found a massive road and walked it, heading back to the campground. There were dozens of pademelons.


We drove away to go stay at Conley Cottage with Nigel and Kellie, that we had booked through Airbnb.

There were hundreds of cows on the gravel road leading to their place!


We got there just before the storm hit. There were lots of moths on the terrace, the biggest ones I had ever seen!


Also some green frog.


We had a great evening, roasting food on their barbie, having a beer with them and a beautiful night sleep afterwards, with no car noise, just the storm’s rain outside and frogs!