Road Trip North – Day 5

Sunday 22nd March 2015

We woke up in the morning at Conley Cottage near Kenilworth and spent the morning chilling out with Nigel and Kellie. We got to know their truly inspiring lifestyle in the countryside. First we had breakfast on the terrace contemplating this beautiful view where their 2 horses Paddie and Scorchie were grazing.


On the terrace was Gypsie the spider.


We met Jack the Cat.


And Hazel and Albert, the Whippets.


We feeded Garry the first goat.


And Karl the second goat.


As well as Audrey the pig, who thinks she is a dog and can sit when you say Sit! She is also very fond of the guavas. Now talking about guavas…We never find any when we go grocery shopping! We were so surprised to see that guavas grows in Queensland. Wondering why we never get to be able to buy any!


We went for a drive of their domain to the highest point from which we could see the beautiful view of the valley, although at that moment it was quite foggy ad rainy.


We left late morning and had a nice lunch in Kenilworth at Nanna McGinn’s cafe. Then we were back on the road.


We wanted to check out the other part of the Conondale National Park and drove to Booloomba Creek.

conondale map

However, once there at the beginning of the gravel road, we realised that with the rain, it was maybe not the best idea to cross the mini river to get to the beginning of the walks.


So we decided to follow the advise of Kellie and Nigel and go to Eumundi Bookstore instead. We were happy with the choice when it started raining again.


It was creating a dramatic landscape though, but not one in which you want to be walking for hours.

rainy landscape

Here is the Eumundi bookstore.

Eumundi Bookstore

We spent a good hour there, checking out the books. It was really beautiful, an awesome little library.


Back on the road when the bookstore closed, before to head back home, we decided to stop at our favourite grocery store near Beerwah to fill the fridge for the week.

grocery store

Then we were back on the M1 heading to Brisbane, but there were a lot of traffic jams, so we decided to go on the countryside road heading to Donnybrook. It was some gravel road with no traffic and beautiful pine trees. There we saw a really beautiful sunset.


The setting was really nice.

beautiful sunset

We saw a group of 7 wild horses.

wild horses

Later on, 2 other wild horses which were part of a group of 4, they were standing there looking at us, it would be such a beautiful shot if I had not focused on the trees, but on the horses instead!

wild horses

The sunset was really stunning.


Beautiful golden sky before to head back to the highway and back to Brisbane!


Here was roughly most of the road we did today for this fifth and last day on the road!

Kenilworth Eumundi Donnybrook Brisbane MAP

Back in Brissie, after a nice birthday road-trip!