Ciudad Perdida – Day 4

Friday 10th July 2015

We woke up at 5am for this last day walk. Here is the campground in the morning.


We started walking around 6.20am


Passed the Kogi houses again.


Walked through the plains again.


Some people who were tired of walking, had back problems, knee problems came back that day on the mules instead of walking.


We walked up, and down, and up. Because of the rain of the previous day, it was quite muddy and slippery.


We saw these beautiful landscapes again.


The ants were very busy doing their little business.


Caballero walking up the hill on a path


Some military guys were on their way to Ciudad Perdida probably or just watching around after the region´s safety.


We arrived at the campground where we had slept the first night around 9am, well 9.30am for me as I was behind!


We had some fruits there, some went for a swim and then we continued walking. Through the red soil again, a bit more muddy this time.


And up, and up, and up


And this beautiful landscape constantly surrounding us.


We saw this really beautiful green and blue and brown lizard


And the ants were still busy carrying stuff around.


And back to the village we were, we got there around 12pm. We walked 23 kms in 5-6 hours that morning! Sounds like we were just starting to get really into it hey!

A last lunch as part of the trek, yummy food again.


Here was a brand fresh new group getting a briefing, as we were having 4 days before, not knowing what to expect exactly. And we looked at them the same way the oldies had looked at us, thinking “oh dear, you guys have no ideas what you have signed up for!!!! who ho ho. but you will make it too!”

new group

That picture summarises how we looked after 4 days walking about 80 kms back and forth, up and down in the mud.


Some people had some ticks on them. Paul even got one inside his hand! Freaky! Better have some special tick remover tweezers to make sure you don´t leave the head inside when removing it otherwise you may get the Lyme disease or other not nice stuff.


While others went to Taganga, some of us got into the car and drove back to Santa Marta. Here is our group at a little toilet break. I love that picture because it is pure street photography, everyone is just in his own world!

lost in thoughts

Back into the car, and off we went back to Drop Bear hostel.


Martina, Sebastian, Michaela, Larissa and me got dropped there. They chilled out while I went to get some soap then did a big laundry and chilled out for the rest of the afternoon. They managed to go party until 4am in the evening, I just went to bed!!! ;-p

Here we were, back in Santa Marta, after 4 amazing days trekking to Ciudad Perdida! I spent the next day blogging and having a break. Good to just chill out without going anywhere after those 4 days. Voila! 🙂

What´s next? Some diving in Tayrona National Park on Saturday 12th July, then off to Minca for a few days then off to San Gil in the direction of El Cocuy…Finally…Slowing getting there. Colombia is an incredible country. You come here thinking that 3 weeks is enough, but this is a country where after 2 months you would still wish you had more time to see more things. Now that it got super safe, it is really an amazing country to come explore! And although I have travelled around here for 10 days only, I have heard that from many many travellers who went in many various places in Colombia! So pack your bag and come visit it. People who have spent 4 to 6 months on the continent say it is the best country to see of South America. Yep! Glad to start with it, nice to start with such a great country!!!

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