Casa Elemento – Days 7 and 8

Monday 20th July 2015

Saw those birds from the spot where I was washing clothes.


Was on brekky preparation shift.


Happy dog


Played monopoly most of the day. Only had the green streets. Was a long game as we were 6 to play.

monopolyRyan and Morley preparing lunch in the kitchen.

kitchenBoots that can be borrowed to avoid snakes when walking in the jungle.


At the bar


On the sofas, Virginia, Pascal and Jacob who was an awesome guitarist entertaining everyone at the fireplace in the evening. He was a funny guy. He arrived the evening before with no reservation and said “Please, please can I stay. I am ok to sleep on my yoga mat. I really wanna stay here, I have heard so great things about Casa Elemento I had to come!”


Enjoying the view


Awesome sunset again


From the Big Hammock

big hammock

More colours


Strange insect


Electricity turned off and Ryan and Morley had to finish cooking dinner at candle light.

candle light

People at the bar


At the fireplace


Singing around the fire with two amazing guitarists, Jacob and Barak


Jack called me to check out what they call the Big Jungle Bug. Big indeed!

bugTried again to do some night shots.


Map I found of the area


Tuesday 21st July 2015

The view, the beautiful view.

viewCasa Elemento at the entrance

entranceMini manta on the bar

mantaOther insect, so thin, so fragile!

insectI went on an errand to the coffee farm nearby to get some ice. I ran into this weird bulk of black caterpillars crossing the road as an agglutinated batch. No idea why.

caterpillarsThe sunset that evening was the best ever for my last evening.

view of Santa MartaRainbow


Josh pausing for the shot with a guitar.


The pool water was so still that we could do amazing shots with the reflection. I copied what another photographer Sebastian was doing amd got some of these shots.DSCF5527

I asked Fabio to jump in front of the pool.


Later the sky turned pink and it was nice to see the moon in there.

pink sky

There were pink rays in the sky towards the end, photographers were all on the lookout, taking lots of shots, totally amazed about that sky.

raysThe kid who was there that night went to rinse himself in the sink, that was funny. He kept laughing himself.

kidHere it was for my last day at Casa Elemento, an incredible place where I was very happy to spend 10 days! Next day, walking down to Minca then taxi to Santa Marta and night bus to San Gil!

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