Cooking Class with Master Chef Elcida – THE Colombian Soup

Monday 10th August 2015

In the morning, Diane went to work. She is a psychologist and also teaches at the University, it keeps her really busy! With her mum Elcida, we walked to the grocery store and bought fruits and veggies. Then her mum taught me to cook a Colombian Bogota soup recipe.

Put some chicken, carrot, big potato, spring onion, coriander and corn in water with salt and let it boil.

DSCF8576 (Medium)

Later, add 2 varieties of potatoes chopped in circles. Remove the initial ingredients. Reserve the chicken. Put these ingredients in the mixer to make them as a soup with a bit of water.


At this stage inside the pot it should look like this.


Add Spinach on top and stir and let it cook at small fire.


Add what you just blended back in the pot.


Shred the chicken in small chunks. Put some of the soup in a plate, and add on the top some creme fraiche, some shredded chicken and some capers.


Colombians eat this soup with some white rice and plain avocado, at the same time.


Et voila! Bon appetit!

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