Bogota – Day 2 – Museo del Oro

Tuesday 11th August 2015

In the morning, Elcida offered me to try out drinking my chocolate with cheese stirred inside. It is a common practice here in Colombia, nothing more normal than that. But honestly, no, I just could not!!!


After brekky, I headed alone to the Transmilaneo and took the J23 towards the city. I met Flavius in front of the Museo del Oro at 10am and we spent the next 3h30 in there, it is so huge! Here are some of the pieces we saw.


Cool king


Great history banner.


Statues from San Augustin, place in the South of Colombia

San Augustin

Smiling moon


Representation of women


Snoopy caught doing something naughty and trying to explain.


Sarcophage. Not as pretty as the Egyptian ones.


Sounds like they also knew about the snorkys.


Funeral urne

funeral urne

Flying fish

flying fish

Clown (More seriously, a representation of a chieftain but not sure why the nose was flatten out, I forgot)


This frog won the triple jump at the Olympic games, you can tell why when you look at her legs compared to the ones of the other frogs!

olympic frog

They may have known about Pinocchio too.


This teacher was captivating his kids. He had brought some music instrument to make them try and understand how some of the music instruments used at the time sounded and to tell some stories around that. Smart!


Cool representation of the bat


They may also have known already about the bad wolf who wants to eat Red Hood..

mechant loup

Mice riding lezards. An army.


close up. Aren`t they a bit frightening?


Face represented inside the croc.


Purse, barbecue, hammock…They had already invented everything.


We took a break and had some of this coffee, apparently the best one of Colombia at the moment.


We asked for the fancy machine we had seen one someone`s table. It was funny to be served in this, with the scale under the bottle in which the coffee was filtering.


Then we realised it was 1.30pm and we had 30 minutes to grab some lunch to head to the Graffiti tour!

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