Galapagos Cruise Day 2 – Afternoon

Wednesday 26th August – Afternoon

The nice lunch we had

DSCF1779 (Medium)

Jumping back into the pangas again to go to Isabela again, we can see it in the background on this picture.

DSCF1780 (Medium)

While on our way to Isabela, we saw this penguin swimming.

DSCF1782 (Medium)

We took the chiva again and got to the shopping area or “T-shirt mile” as the guide calls it, next to a beach. Here is the tree which is poisonous for humans but good to eat for the tortoises.

DSCF1785 (Medium)

Going for a bit of shopping. I finally found a second swimming suit here, yeah. Ready for two snorking sessions for the coming days!

DSCF1787 (Medium)

Cool map of the world

DSCF1789 (Medium)

Giant tortoise, maybe this was the real size of Lonely George?

DSCF1790 (Medium)

While we went shopping, sat at a table and drank a coconut drink, tried to get some WiFi, our guide Carlos was having fun playing football with his mates. Why not!

DSCF1791 (Medium)

Got to the beach.

DSCF1792 (Medium)

Seagull highway

DSCF1794 (Medium)

Iguana highway

DSCF1803 (Medium)

Human highway

DSCF1840 (Medium)

An iguana. We actually had put our towels a bit on their highway and I remember how one of them walked on Linda`s leg by mistake and she was lying on her belly on her towel and screamed of surprise, it was funny. 🙂

DSCF1796 (Medium)

The beach, volcanic formation

DSCF1799 (Medium)

After a nice swim playing in the waves with Daniel and Tatiana and Dave, I went for a walk on the beach.

DSCF1807 (Medium)

Saw this crab

DSCF1810 - copia

They like to bury themselves in the sand.

DSCF1839 (Medium)


DSCF1817 (Medium)

Other bird, forgot its name.

DSCF1833 - copia

Such a pretty beach especially around sunset time. We could see the wind take away the top of the waves, creating a foggy atmosphere which was truly magical. We lied down on our towels with everyone, chilling out, sleeping, chatting, writing day diary to make sure we would not forget those incredible days filled with so striking experiences.

DSCF1842 (Medium)

I really loved the colours in the evening light.

DSCF1849 (Medium)

It was time to go back and everyone was waiting for the chiva to take us to the panga.

DSCF1852 (Medium)

From the chiva we could see the school classrooms, built in circular shape.

DSCF1853 (Medium)

And an old rusty boat

DSCF1856 (Medium)

Got to the pier.

DSCF1859 (Medium)

Beautiful sunset

DSCF1864 (Medium)

The sea was turning purple.

DSCF1871 (Medium)

Dinner time, tasty food again.

DSCF1877 (Medium)

And desert. Every evening, the most important was to keep an eye on your desert, because if you didn`t watch out, your neighbours would probably steal it as it was so delicious!

DSCF1879 (Medium)

After dinner, we had our usual evening briefing session where the guide gave us an excerpt of the next day, making us already excited about it. From Puerto Villamil, we were off to Puerto Moreno where we would wake up in the morning.