Isla del Sol – Day 2

Sunday 25th October 2015

Here was the view from our window of the harbour at 7am, when it was still really quiet.
DSCF3387 (Medium)
The view was clear and we could see the snowy peaks of the mountains in the background.
DSCF3388 (Medium)
We slept a bit longer and around 10am decided to go for breakfast. There was more activity in the harbour, with the first
people boarding boats to go back to Copacabana.
DSCF3395 (Medium)
Here was the place where we had had dinner the night before and went for breakfast.
DSCF3399 (Medium)
On the way back from the breakfast, the view of the hostel in which we stayed for the night.
DSCF3396 (Medium)
We checked out the room, left our small pack with the woman of the hostel and went for a walk. The path when going up.
DSCF3402 (Medium)
The view to the left of a donkey and two men.
DSCF3401 (Medium)
We passed through a village where there was this church.
DSCF3405 (Medium)
View of the terraces and the Titicaca Lake.
DSCF3408 (Medium)
We kept walking on this path.
DSCF3410 (Medium)
We passed these donkeys and llamas.
DSCF3416 (Medium)
We took a little side path and started walking through the fields. Went up and saw these houses.
DSCF3420 (Medium)
View from a bit higher up than the houses.
DSCF3421 (Medium)
We saw a lot of this bush flower around there.
DSCF3424 (Medium)
Man and dog and one arm of the Titicaca lake in the background.
DSCF3436 (Medium)
The full scene.
DSCF3437 (Medium)
View to our right. This is the view towards the “north” of Isla del Sol.
DSCF3439 (Medium)
View to our left.
DSCF3446 (Medium)
Zooming in. Behind the rocks which go into the water is located Copacabana, hidden behind the corner.
DSCF3447 (Medium)
Another view. This Titicaca lake is so huge!
DSCF3448 (Medium)
We walked towards one of the ruin to check it out.
DSCF3454 (Medium)
There was a ladder so we went up its roof and could see from it the path leading to another ruin.
DSCF3455 (Medium)
Then we walked on that path, and on our right was the rest of the village to which the church we had seen in the morning belongs.
DSCF3461 (Medium)
Donkey in front of the ruins.
DSCF3465 (Medium)
After checking out the ruins, we walked towards the village.
DSCF3466 (Medium)
Flowers on the way
DSCF3470 (Medium)
Juanitette posing in front of the village
DSCF3474 (Medium)
We stopped in the village here to have a lunch. Pretty cool view from these tables!
DSCF3478 (Medium)
It is interesting to see in Bolivia the various policies about WiFi in restaurants. For example here, paying a different
price depending of the device using the WiFi.
DSCF3479 (Medium)
After lunch, down we went towards the pier.
DSCF3482 (Medium)
View from the path of the pier.
DSCF3486 (Medium)
A small local boat cruising around. I think Phil Buck`s reed raft will look a bit like this but bigger. Phil, correct me if I am wrong!?
DSCF3488 (Medium)
There were lots of people going down (or up!) behind us
DSCF3490 (Medium)
And lots of activity also in the little harbour. Locals were unloading boats with supplies and loading the donkeys to carry the supplies to the village higher up.
DSCF3494 (Medium)
We bought the tickets for the way back and sat on a little stone wall and observed life passing by and the boat`s unloading business to the right.
DSCF3495 (Medium)
Lots of donkeys which were brought down to the pier were directed to the lake`s water to drink. Then someone would get them to move back to the harbour where they would be loaded.
DSCF3499 (Medium)
Here is a little video of the woman bringing back the donkeys towards the little harbour.

And off we were on one of the boats. View of the pier from it. Bye Isla del Sol! See you another time one day hopefully for a longer visit! Who knows!
DSCF3503 (Medium)
The coast to our right after we passed the village.
DSCF3505 (Medium)
We stopped at these ruins for 15-20 minutes to go check them out for whoever wanted to see them.
DSCF3506 (Medium)
Sun going down on the sea
DSCF3509 (Medium)
Inside the boat
DSCF3510 (Medium)
After a 2-hour ride during which we mostly slept, we arrived back to Copacabana.
DSCF3511 (Medium)
Walking from the pier up the street.
DSCF3513 (Medium)
We got tickets for this bus back to La Paz.
DSCF3514 (Medium)
We bought some sandwiches from this girl which were really delicious.
DSCF3515 (Medium)
On the main plaza, women were selling lots of different types of something looking like pop-corn.
DSCF3518 (Medium)
View of the sea from the bus.
DSCF3520 (Medium)
View of the hills of the peninsula while heading back.
DSCF3523 (Medium)
This time, we stayed onboard of the bus as it was mostly locals in it. This is the kind of wooden structure on which the bus was.
DSCF3524 (Medium)
On the way back, before arriving in La Paz, we noticed three men or fake human size puppets hanging in construction work clothes from some lights. It was really weird! Probably some fakes, hopefully. Not sure why they do that though. Getting closer to La Paz, we could see the thousand lights of the city.
DSCF3528 (Medium)
Sam had asked the driver when we boat the tickets if the bus was going to the bus terminal and he had replied yes. However, it stopped in Cementario which can be a quite dodgy neighbourhood at night. We complained that he had lied to us and refused to get out there. The bus drove us a bit further. We disembarked in another spot and took a taxi back to her place.

There I packed my bag and we went to bed, it was already more than 11pm. Next day, off to Santa Cruz on the 8.30am plane, on my way to Iguazu falls!