From Moalboal to Cebu

Wednesday 29th Dec 2016

I said good-bye to Robert, Ritchie and their daughter Samanta and to Wim and Tony who were off diving and left the Bamboo House around 10.30am.
_DSC3023 (Medium).JPG

I waited outside the gate for a trike to stop on the road.
_DSC3029 (Medium).JPG

Shortly after a trike came and off we went. He dropped me just on time for an 11am bus.
Thanks trike driver!
The bus
_DSC3036 (Medium).JPG

And off we went, living Moalboal.
_DSC3041 (Medium).JPG
The bus ticket was a manual ticket in which the bus ticket giver was making holes for the year and the month and the day before to hand it over.
_DSC3042 (Medium).JPG
The sea on the left side.
_DSC3045 (Medium).JPG
Here is a map of the itinerary, going North first along the sea then crossing inland then going North-East along the other sea side to Cebu.
Moalboal to Cebu.gif

The bus ride took about 3h20 from Moalboal to Cebu bus station. On the journey we stopped around noon here to grab some snacks / lunch.
_DSC3048 (Medium).JPG
My lunch that day:
_DSC3049 (Medium).JPG

Here are a couple of shots from the trip to Cebu bus station:

Our bus arrived in Cebu around 3.20pm. I waited for a taxi there:
_DSC3091 (Medium).JPG

The taxi ride took about an hour to the Cebu Yacht Club. Seeing some pipes on the way.
_DSC3100 (Medium).JPG

Lots of traffic on the other side of the road.
_DSC3102 (Medium).JPG
The taxi driver dropped me at the entrance of the harbour and I walked on the road.
_DSC3108 (Medium).JPG
Soon I got to the boats.
_DSC3110 (Medium).JPG
And here was the Seadoors, the beautiful liveaboard on which I was to do 5 days of diving!
_DSC3112 (Medium).JPG
I arrived onboard and met with a group of 3 French couples from Rouen, Dominique and Monique, Alain and Germaine and Denis and Karine, along with one Swiss-Italian couple Marisa and Giorgio, one Italian couple Roberta and Oscar and one Italian-Polish/Italian couple Eugenio and Kasia. Later arrived my roommate Keith who was Irish but had been living in Melbourne for 15 years, and an English couple Eleanor and Ed.

The sunset over the bridge was beautiful.
_DSC3113 (Medium).JPG
The boat cabins were really nice. There were 2 ‘premium’ ones. Dominique and Monique had one and Keith and I had the other one in front of theirs. I was the last person who had booked the liveaboard about a month before to come to Philippines so although I arrived before Keith on the boat, I took the higher up bed and left the big bed to Keith who later told me he had booked indeed 4 months before. Fair enough! Plus I don’t mind climbing up to the bed while he told me he would have hated having to do it ahah.
_DSC3115 (Medium).JPG
Opposite to the bed, the ‘desk’ area on which we had a really cool nudibranch tissue box and where we would drop our stuff every day.
_DSC3116 (Medium).JPG
The shower.
_DSC3118 (Medium).JPG

We waited for everyone to arrive and when the twilight was there over the bridge, we started sailing towards Malapascua, north of Cebu where the thresher shark lives.
_DSC3120 (Medium).JPG

Next day, first day of diving!

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