Nizhny Novgorod Day 2

Thursday 3rd August 2017

Here was the map of our walking day for our second day in Nizhny Novgorod.
map day 2 in Nizhny Novgorod

We started by walking from the Domino hotel towards the Stroganov Church. There were a lot of beautiful buildings on the way and statues. There was also a friendly dog who said hi briefly and then went past.

The Stroganov Church, alias Nativity Church was built from 1696 to 1719, commissioned by the merchant Stroganov. It is said that the French writer Theophile Gautier found it one of the most beautiful church he saw when travelling Russia in the 1850ties.

After that, we went to see the Annunciation Monastery located nearby which was founded in the 13th century.

From there we could see the hot air balloon sculpture on the nearby hill which was installed there in 2015 to honour the French writer Jules Vernes, representing the hot air balloon he takes in his ’80 days around the world’ trip. Jules Verne wrote 9 novels about Russia, including Michel Strogoff in 1876 in which the hero travels from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod. More info about it here:


We could also see on the other side of the river the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Then we walked to a Ukrainian restaurant called Veselaya Kuma where we had various delicious dishes again. The food is amazing in Russia!
Then my parents wanted to go see the Pechorsky Monastery but I had enough of golden icons and churches so they went there while I walked back to the hotel. First I walked through the main street to the Kremlin, on Ulitsa Bolschaya Pokrowskaya. It was a vibrant street too with lots happening on it.

From the Kremlin, I followed the walls from the outside, took a small path through the grass and went down to abandoned tracks I followed back to the hostel.

There I prepared blog articles and chilled. Then we had an early dinner and that was it for the day!

Next day, off to Vladimir with an early short train ride!

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