Novosibirsk Day 3

Friday 28th July 2017 In the morning, I observed the great view of the surroundings from Anna’s flat which was located on the 14th floor. I noticed the garbage truck putting all bins into it. Hopefully one day, Russia catches up on the Recycling Movement which has been around since years now all around the … More Novosibirsk Day 3

Novosibirsk Day 2

Thursday 27th July We started the day with packing and checked out of the rooms in the morning. My parents were taking a train in the afternoon for Tyumen to go to Tobolsk while I was staying one more night in Novosibirsk. I had booked an airbnb room at the flat of a Russian girl … More Novosibirsk Day 2

Novosibirsk Day 1

Wednesday 26th July We arrived at 7.13am sharp local time in Novosibirsk. Transsiberian trains are always perfectly on time! Here was the 760km train journey we did over about 12 hours. From there, we went to the hotel with an Uber, dropped our stuff there, had a rest and some breakfast and then went for … More Novosibirsk Day 1

Krasnoyarsk Day 1

Sunday 23rd July 2017 – Krasnoyarsk Here are some photos from the train getting closer to Krasnoyarsk in the morning. After 18 hours of train and 1,050 kilometers, we arrived in Krasnoyarsk around 12pm. Here is a map to give an idea of the journey. Not a single train station has lifts in Russia which … More Krasnoyarsk Day 1

Irkutsk Day 2

Wednesday 19th July 2017 Irkutsk Here is a map of Russia to start with, where we can see Irkutsk ‘oblast’, this means region, where we were. I started the day by giving my laundry to wash. Then I walked towards Central Market and bumped into this advert for fur coats. Sounds definitely Russian to me! … More Irkutsk Day 2

Irkutsk Day 1

Tuesday 18th July 2017 Irkutsk I woke up quite late and spent some time in the morning on gmail and What’s App and Hangout communicating with various people. It is amazing how addicted we can get to Google. 2 days in China without Google were enough! Saying that, I heard later that in China you … More Irkutsk Day 1