El Bolson Day Walk

Monday 16th November 2015 With Claudio and Annina, we woke up in El Bolson in this giant dorm that we had had just for ourselves at El Pueblito. It is funny to think that La Casona de Odile has such an amazing reputation that everyone gets there and it gets full while 15 minutes walk … More El Bolson Day Walk

Bariloche to El Bolson

Sunday 15th November 2015 I didn`t really sleep that well last night. I kept thinking about what had happened in France and besides that I was in a 6-people dorm where at 2am none of the others were sleeping yet. Great. In the morning I read this blog article about El Bolson which made me … More Bariloche to El Bolson

Quila Quina

Friday 13th November 2015 With Claudio and Annina, we had breakfast with my dorm-mate, Daniel, who was also Swiss-German. He was keen to join us going to Quila Quina but had some errands to do, so went for that first. We left the hostel a bit later and started walking to the pier to embark … More Quila Quina