Perito Moreno – Day 2

Monday 7th December 2015 I woke up around 7.45am and decided I would try to change hostel if I could as El Calafate Hostel was just way too noisy. Good vibes surely, but a party place when the only thing I was looking for was to finally get some sleep! First, I had breakfast with Carolina … More Perito Moreno – Day 2

El Chalten Hike – Day 3

Friday 4th December 2015 There was a group of hikers who left for sunrise around 4.20am and were so cheerful about going to see the sunrise that they woke up everyone. They came back around 7.30am, waking up everyone again and continuing to chat non-stop. Unluckily, their tents were right next to ours. I got out … More El Chalten Hike – Day 3

El Chalten

Tuesday 1st December 2015 From the bus station, I walked to the hostel called Aylen Aike that Marcus had recommended me. Here was one of the street of El Chalten on which I walked. Wide streets with not much traffic yet. This place looked small, still not too touristy and very pretty. A secret gem! … More El Chalten

Esquel and La Trochita

Monday 30th November 2015 We woke up around 7.40am with Fredrik and had brekky. At breakfast, Patrick, the French guy in his sixties hanging out at Las Natalias was chatting about the terrorist attacks with another French traveller who had just arrived the night before. I was happy to hear them and join the conversation. … More Esquel and La Trochita