Machu Picchu – Day 2

Sunday 16th August 2015 We woke up at 5am and had some brekky at the hostel. Then we headed to the bus and started queuing at 5.50am. The queue was going until the bridge. While waiting in the queue, we were reading the menus, funny how the write Spaghetty and other words. There were not … More Machu Picchu – Day 2


Hsipaw Saturday 17th March In the morning, we went for some late soup breakfast with Hayley and Ross but the woman doing the soup didn’t have any left, so we got some fruits instead in the street and headed to internet for an hour, spending 30 minutes opening the mailbox, and 5 minutes on each … More Hsipaw

Vietnam: Hue

Saturday 25th February Hue We went for all day with a motorbike driver each to visit diverse mausoleums and pagodas around Hue. We started the tour with another Japanese bridge. There was a story-teller on the bridge telling the future to a young girl. Although I couldn’t understand anything, it was fascinating to see her … More Vietnam: Hue