Cusco to Aguas Calientes

Saturday 15th August 2015

Here is our taxi, waiting for us at 6am.


On the way to Poroy, we passed a small village with a market going on.


Dogs going through the trash


Snow peak we could see from the car

snow peak

We got to the Poroy train station and could see our train. We grabbed a coffee and sat in the hall waiting for the train. People started queuing up.


Boarding the train.


Inside the wagon.


7.42am and the train took off. On our left, a French couple living in Nantes, Johnny and Nadia had no seat neighbours. We were all wondering what happened, as the train was fully booked. Had they cancelled their full trip? Just not woken up that morning? Got sick and could not go? The mystery remains. We did have a thought for them and felt actually sorry for them, the unknown seat passengers who didn`t make it that day to the train tickets they had booked probably long time in advance.


The landscape was interesting.


We passed a small village and the train was whistling. Poor village inhabitants, having to put their fingers in their ears. There are so many of this train passing by. Does that mean it disturbs the life of these villages every single time? It sounded very sad to me. Is it really necessary for the train to whistle so much or could it whistle just once when approaching a village?


Beautiful landscape all the way

This is a map of the journey the train takes from Poroy to Aguas Calientes.

map of train

And here we got to Aguas Calientes at 10:50am


We followed everyone and got out. Some were being waited on with signs.


Passed through a market.


People say Aguas Calientes is not that pretty but I found that the surroundings gave it a lot of charm. Crossing a bridge, to the right.


To the left


In a street


We dropped our bags at the hostel and went for a local lunch where we found Peruvians eating inside not tourists. I tried ceviche for the first time, a kind of raw fish.


On our way to the bus to Macchu Picchu, there was this man playing with a small monkey


Strange, so small


Main plaza of Aguas Calientes

main plaza

Even the bins are very special.


We walked down to the bus station to grab the tickets and go to Macchu Picchu!