16Nov: Flight London to Bangkok

On 16th Nov at 10am, I took the plane for Mumbai first.

This is the plane I took from London to Mumbai.
Look at that ugly London winter weather, brrrrr….









Special thought for my friends in London, when the weather is too gloomy, think about how it looks from above:









It is a bit nicer, right? 🙂

First flight was quite boring as we got into darkness around 2.15pm!
Transfer flight in Mumbai was funny. So Indian way of doing things. In London, you queue one after another, take a basket, put your stuff in, move your bag, go through the x-ray and pick up your stuff again.

In Mumbai, you arrive and there are 2 queues in front of you and you just started queuing left. You give your laptop to the guy who puts all of them in one basket through the moving carpet. You wait for ages that people in front of you go through. Indian people screw you up and pass first even if they were behind you. You finally put your stuff directly on the moving carpet as there is not enough baskets, sorry. Then you go through the x-ray screen on the right, cause the left one is broken, so everyone to the right please, and ah yes when you pick up your laptop, it is not in the basket anymore but below a pile of bags and you pray that it didn’t break. And now you are late for your transfer flight and you run! Welcome to Incredible India. 🙂

I tried to sleep on the Mumbai to Bangkok flight, and then was the dawn and at last we could start seeing a bit of earth. The shapes of the rivers were pretty cool to me, and the clouds too.

Special thought for Katrina…Can you see the rabbit?









Special thought for Bénédicte..Which horse do you prefer? This one?









or that one?

Horse 2









Now…do you see the rat?









Alright then, do you see the rat attacking the dolphin?









The plane flew above this city and thought it was Bangkok. But then it wasn’t as we passed a lot of water first before to arrive to Bangkok.









So, first person who finds out which city it is wins a real postcard from Bangkok! You need to find a similar photo online proving your choice! 🙂

As for my first day here, here is what I did since this morning. I landed at 8am Bangkok time (GMT+7), I picked up my bag. I got screwed up by the mean withdrawal machine which takes you 150 Bahts (about 3 pounds!!) when you withdraw money. I went to the departure floor to get a taxi so that the taxi driver (which means I) would not pay the fee which he has to pay to pick up people at arrivals (Great, no? Do it in any airport you go to! Thanks to my friend Latda for telling me about this tip)). The taxis are pink!

And look what they have on the window! Made me laugh.
And no sign telling you to wear the seatbelt behind.

Taxi window









Then I arrived at the hotel around 10am, had breakfast, had a shower, slept for 3 hours, swam a bit, chilled out (zero energy and drive to get out there) , had dinner at 6pm, and wrote this post and emails. And now I am going to bed, I am exhausted and jetlagged and need a big rest before I can start properly.

First day is tough!

Good night!