English-Indonesian Dictionary

How was this dictionary born?

It’s a young Swiss-German, Amando, met in a bus between Luang Prabang and Luang Nam Tha on my fourth day in Lao, beginning of January 2012, who taught me the majority of the words useful when travelling to any country. It is on Flores, a gorgeous island east of Bali, end of April 2012, in the small city of Ruteng, that an Indonesian woman, Jenny, took the time to teach me in the Indonesian language about 150 words that I wanted the translation for, as well as a few other words. It is finally beginning of June 2012 that I found the time to put this little dictionary under an electronic format and as an article on my blog.


1. The Indonesian language is written with our alphabet. In this dictionary, the words are just written in a way that helps you to pronounce them. As I am not a native English-speaker, I could not have written myself the English way of pronouncing Indonesian words as accurately as possible as a native speaker. This English-Indonesian dictionary has been reviewed with Peta from Melbourne, Australia met on my trip. Big thanks to Peta for her help!
2. When a sound is insisted upon in a word, I wrote it several times to insist on it. For example, you don’t say “per-gui”, you say “perrrr-gui » and insist on the rrrr.
4. The words indicated in brackets in the left column indicate the literal meaning in Indonesian.

Note about the numbers (listed at the end)

Number 10 is sépoulou. 100 is sératoussss. 1000 is séribou.
To build the dozens, hundreds, etc, you put a figure in front and get rid off the « sé » in sépoulou, sératoussss ou séribou.
Example : 1234 is : satu ribou dua ratous tiga poulou empat.
As soon as you know how to count until 10, and know sératousss and séribou, then you know how to count until 1 million in the Indonesian language! (1 million is « djouta »).

When can you use this dictionary ?

You are walking around and meet children. Ask them “What is your name? How old are you?”. If they don’t answer you, ask them “Are you afraid of me? Are you shy? Don’t be afraid!”. If they are putting their hand towards you, it is often to do a « High five ! » which is “Toss!” in the Indonesian language.
You are at the market. Try the Asian fruits, they are really different and often really good. Ask “How much?” in the Indonesian language. Learn the numbers to understand the answer. If something seems too expensive to you, say with a smile and gently: « Tarla loumah hal »! ». Up to you now to negotiate in the Indonesian language the price that seems fair to you.
The other words can be useful to comment on the weather. To ask if someone is tired. To ask someone if they have children and how many. Other words when you take the bus. To ask how long left it is, or where the toilets are, or if you call an hotel and would like to ask if they have a room or if the room has hot water. When you go for food, or want to ask for a drink, or cheer with the Indonesian people.

Don’t hesitate to send me an email to littlepetitepom_at_gmail.com to give me some feedback about it or how to improve it. In particular, if during your trip, there is a word that you need many times and wasn’t in that dictionary, please send it to me so I can add it there! Thank you.

Have fun!

You can download the dictionary here:
English – Indonesian dictionary 150 useful words

or view it here:

English Indonesian (English pronounciation)
Indonesian (language Indonesian) Bahasa Indonesia
Hello There isn’t one word but a few different expressions for the different times of the day.
Good morning Selamat Pagi (or just Pagi)
Hello at lunch time (between noon and 14:00) Selamat Siang (or Siang)
Good afternoon (from 14:00 to twilight) Selamat Soray (or Soray)
Good evening Selamat Malam (or Malam)
Good night Selamat Tidur !
Good-bye (to someone going away) Selamat tingal
Good-bye (to someone who stays when you go) Selamat jalan
Thank you Terimah Kasi
You are welcome Sama sama
A lot, very much banyak
Thanks a lot Terimah Kasi banyak
No problem! Tidak upah upah!
Of course! Tan-too!
See you later Sampai jumpa!
High five! Toss!
Later Nan ti
Good Bagussss
Not good, problem Tida bagussss
Sorry! Permisi !
Yes Yeah
No Tida
The weather is cold! (Cold!) Din-nying
The weather is warm! (Warm!) Pa-nassss
Today Ari Ini
Tomorrow Besok ou Besoh

(on some islands, you don’t pronounce the k)

Now Se kah rang
Me/ I Saya
You Kam-moo
He, him / She, her Diya
we Kitah
you (plurial) Merika
you (polite) undah
I don’t understand. Saya tidah mer-narrrr-tih
I speak Indonesian little. Saya bearrrr-bi-cha-ra Bahasa Indonesia se-di-kit.
Can you speak more slowly? Bisah undah bearrrr-bi-cha-ra labih lambat?
Too fast for me! Terrrr-lelu cha-pat oon-took saya !
How are you? Apa-ka-barrrr?
I am good. Bike (often repeated twice in a row)
And you? Dun kam-moo?
Where are you from ? (where from/ polite you) Darri-mana undah?
What is your name ? Siapa nama undah?
My name is xxxx. Nama saya xxxx.
How old are you ? (how many/years/you) Berrrrupah oo-sia undah?
xxx years. Xxxx oo-sia.
How many brothers/sisters do you have? Berrrrupah sa-oo darrrrah undah ?
brother Sa-oo darrrrah lucky-lucky
sister Sa-oo darrrrah pam-poo-un
Older (older brother/sister) Ah-bung
Younger (younger brother/sister) A-dik
Do you live here ? Kam-moo tinggal di-sini?
Where do you work ? (you/work/where) Undah carrrr-shah di-mana ?
Are you afraid of me? (you/afraid/of/me) Kam-moo tak-oot ding-gun saya ?
Are you shy? (you/shy) Kam-moo maloo?
Don’t be afraid ! / Don’t be shy ! shun-gunn tak-oot! / shun-gunn maloo !
To hide May-han
You are smart ! Kam-moo pin-tarr!
You are fun ! Kam-moo mer-niya-nan-kan
Beautiful (for a girl) chan-tik
Beautiful (for a boy) Gunn-tunn
You are a beautiful boy ! Kam-moo chan-tik lucky-kucky !
Are you tired? Undah chup-paayh ?
Are you sad ? Kam-moo/Undah sih-di?
To have Puhn-nyah
To not have Tidah puhn-nyah
Do you have children ? Undah puhn-nyah orang anak?
How many children do you have? Berrrrupah orrrrang anak undah?
What is this ? Uh-pah ini ?
Do you like here ? Undah sookah di-sini ?
Cat Kutch-ing
pig Babi
dog un-jing
small Sedikit
Smaller/tiny Ket-chill
big Basarrrr
room kamarrrr
Do you have a room? Undah puhn-nyah kamarrrr?
water Eye-ear
hot water Eye-ear panassss
Do you have hot water? Undah puhn-nyah eye-ear panassss?
To go Perrrr-gih
Where do you want to go? Undah mao perrrr-gih kam-man-a?
I am going to xxxx. Saya perrrr-gih xxxx.
I am coming with you. Saya perrrr-gih deh-nan undah.
car mobil
Bus bus
minibus bemo
late terlambat
Where is the minivan? Dimana bemo?
toilets Kamarrrr mandi
Where? Dimana?
Where are the toilets? Dimana kamarrrrr mandi?
Over-there Di-sannah
I want to go to xxxx. Saya mahouuuuu perrrr-gih xxxx.
How long more to get there ? Berrrrupah lammah lagih kassana?
How many hours more to xxxx? Berrrrupah jam ker xxxx?
1 hour more. Satu jam lagih.
3 hours more. Tiggah jam lagih.
motorbike motah
Motorbike driver ojek
bicycle sapidah
To want Ma-oooo (make the oo last)
I want to rent a bicycle. Saya ma-oooo man-nyeh-oo-ah/say-wah sapidah
slowly Palan-palan
fast chup-pat
Wait! Tong-goo!
Stop! Berrrr-hanti! (ou bien Stop!)
To drink Min-uhm
water Eye-ear
Do you have water? (to have/water/you) Puhn-nyah eye-ear undah?
tea Teh
milk Soo-soo
ice ess
Do you have ice? (you/have/ice) Undah puhn-nyah ess?
Cheers! (before to drink) Toss!
One more Tambah satu
To eat makan
I like xxxx! Saya sukah
delicious En-ack
Rice    fried/white/with eggs/ with vegetables Na-see   goreng/putih/taloorr/sa-yurrrr
pasta Me-yeh
bread rroti
chicken / duck/ fish I am / beb-ek
fish ikan
bananas pisong
Spicy padassss
I don’t like spicy. Saya tidak sukah padassss.
Numbers / Shopping  
1  2  3  4  5 Satu   Doo-ah   Tiggah   Empat   Lima
6  7  8  9  10 Ern-am   Toojoo   Delapan   Sembilan   Se-pooloo
13 Se-pooloo tiggah
20 Doo-ah pooloo
30 Tiggah pooloo
100 Serah-toos
1000 Seh-riboo
100 000 Serah-toos riboo
250 000 Doo-ah rah-toos lima pooloo riboo
What time is it? Jam berrrrupah?
Now 14:00. Seka rrong jam doo-ah.
Art market Passah senni
Where is the market ? Dimana passah ?
How much ? Berrrrupah ?
It’s too expensive. Terr-la-loo mah-hal !
I don’t have any money. Saya tidak puhn-nyah whum.
I am not interested. Saya tidak terrrr-tarrrrick.
I don’t need. Saya tidak perrrr-loo/booh-too.
Other words sometimes useful  
sometimes Kad-dung kad-dung
Forest/tree/bird Hooh-tun / pooooh-uhn / boooo-rrrroung
How do you say xxxx ? Bageh manah undah manoo chop-can ni-yah xxxx?
I am sick. Saya sack-it.
I have a stomach ache. Saya sack-it perrrr-root.
I have a headache. Saya sack-it capella.
I have a cold. Saya sack-it pillek.
throat Bat-took
nose ee-doon
ears Teh-lin-yeh
Help! Tol-long !
Why? man-yapah?
Who ? See-apah ?
difficult Sooh-lit
easy Moo-duh / gam-pung
I will send photo to you. Saya ah-can kerrim photoh undah.
Your address? Alam-matt undah?
half Settin-nyah
deaf Too-lih
How? Baggi-manah
What? Uh-pah?