Lismore to Valla Beach

Sunday 22nd Dec 2013

We started the day by having a good brekky in Lismore at The Bank Cafe. We chose the place on Beanhunter app which is an awesome app to find great coffee places nearby, which ultimately can help to find great breakfast / brunch places too.

Here is also their website:

Beanhunter App – Lismore Cafes

cafe cappello

While driving there, we had a very quick glimpse of Lismore at Christmas time. Its giant Christmas pine tree.

Christmas tree

Lismore Pie Truck

Lismore Pie Truck

Some nice graffitis on Lismore walls

Lismore graffitis

Lismore streets

Lismore streets

Lismore Christmas Father and Daughter

Lismore Christmas Father

We got to the Cafe and had an awesome breakfast. It was an interesting place with funny adverts like this one:

girl and lorikeets advert

After brekky, we headed south. This is the itinerary we took.


We started with countryside roads.

Road from Lismore

Truck in the field.

Truck in the field

Countryside barn.

Countryside barn

Refueled LPG. Quite expensive at Christmas time!

Petrol prices

We took a road called The Gap and arrived at the entrance road to the Black Rocks Area and decided to go check it out.

Black Rocks Area

We could see there had been some fires recently.

Burnt trees

As it was a dirt road, as soon as a car passed us, it created lots of dust.


We got there and went for a short walk to check the Black Rocks on the beach. It was pretty windy but it was really nice to not see anyone there. No one on the left.

Black Rocks beach

And no one on the right!

Black Rocks Beach 2

This beach definitely holds its Black Rocks name for a reason!

Black Rock

There were some waves but they looked quite messy and uninviting for surfing.


We drove to Yamba next and checked out the seaside from the top.

the beach

Then we went on the beach and saw the lighthouse from there.


We learned about the story of the old woman called Dirrangun.


We continued the drive in the direction of Valla Beach, near Nambucca Heads. On the way we saw some banana plantations.


About 10 min before Coffs Harbour, we saw the Big Banana which I expected to be bigger actually! We just passed through Coffs Harbour but didn’t stop.

Big Banana

Then we arrived at Yamba and pitched the tent.


We went for a walk at sunset on a small bridge nearby.


It was quite cold and windy but the view to the sea was worth it.

view from bridge

We got to the beach. No one to the left.

beach left

And no one to the right.

beach right

Sunset from the bridge on the way back.


Tomorrow, going even more South!