6 weeks in Colombia, conclusion!

Wednesday 12th August 2015

I spent the day blogging. It is so much smoother and efficient when you have your own netbook, I really enjoyed. Sorry for the ones who have subscribed to the blog as followers, you have probably being spammed today with the dozen articles I finally wrote. It should not happen that often, I promise!

Time to conclude the Colombian chapter, as I am heading to Peru tomorrow!

Colombia is an amazing country, it is safe now, very safe. I can only laugh about my first paranoia on the first day I landed in Cartagena, ahahahaha. How funny. Never listen to the people who tell you to care too much. Just go for it and you will see by yourself!

The people are very friendly and welcoming, generous and very honest which is an absolute pleasure for a tourist to not have the tourist price and the local price but to be treated equally. The food is great, and authentic, Colombia has a real cuisine and I never got sick a single time in 6 weeks without caring too much about what I ate, and I tell you what, usually I am the first one to get the diarrhea!!

The transport is smooth, and apart from some crazy drivers that you can report, it is easy and safe to navigate around.

Colombia is a country of everything, the sea, the mountains, the countryside, the cities, it is full of contrast. Colombia is an undiscovered place. Most people who have never been still think that it is dangerous and only associate Colombia with cocaine and guerillas and the Farc. Yes, there are a few areas in the country where there are still some guerillas, but there is no reason to go there. As a tourist or traveller, you have plenty to see in very safe areas before you would go there.

Places I haven`t seen and I wished I had more time to go to: Tayrona National Park, Punta Gallinas, Palomino, Salento and the coffee region, Cali, Medellin, San Augustin, Los Nevados National Park, Leticia and its jungle, the Tatacoa Desert, and so many more places!!! I would need another 6 weeks to really discover Colombia. Another 6 months!!

Colombia is a place where it is definitely safe to take kids, whatever age, really. A city like Bogota is really modern, you can find everything, and there are very good hospitals and health service I believe if anything was happening. You can find any type of medication you need that you find in your country.

Colombia is a place where they love their dogs! This is so funny to see. 🙂

Colombia is the first country I travel to where I see people from the country in the same hostels. Colombians travel so much around their country, as tourists! It is really amazing. I never saw that before.

What else could I say about Colombia? Go there before it is invaded by tourists, because right now, it is a new phenomenon as many people abroad still think that it is dangerous, which makes it very nice to travel around and not seeing too many people and being so many time the only foreigner in a bus or in hostel.

If you read French, I invite you to read the conclusion about Colombia that Emmanuelle and Paul that I met at Ciudad Perdida wrote on their blog here. I can only agree with 100% of what they said!


And now, off to Peru tomorrow!

Flying at 4pm to Lima, will be there at 8pm. Then staying overnight, and flying off to Cusco on 14th August morning. There I will meet my friend Anouk and off we will go to see Macchu Picchu! And after that?? Mmmm…No idea! No plan!!! 🙂


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