Where should I go next??

Monday 17th August 2015

With Anouk, we woke up around 9am both sick and continued to go to toilets, a bit less though. We were really tired and spent the morning sleeping until 11.30am when she had to pack her bag and go to the airport to catch her flight Cusco to Lima then 3 hours wait then Lima to Bogota then 3 hours wait then Bogota to London for 12 hours! I was not envying her at all, travelling when you are sick is no fun!!!

I moved to a single bedroom and remained in bed for most of the day, travelling a lot…between the bed and the toilets!! 🙂

Ordered some chicken and white rice which got delivered and ate that a bit at lunch and a bit at dinner. I started to get better in the evening.

Tuesday 18th August 2015

I didn`t go to toilets last night which is great hey, sick for 24 hours only! I spent the day blogging.

Paul and Manue I had met at Ciudad Perdida 5 weeks earlier had just arrived in Cusco so going to meet them for dinner.

And now comes the question: Where do I go next??

In 7 weeks I meet my parents in Atacama Desert in North of Chile. So 7 weeks I could use to explore Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Wondering if I should jump in a plane up again to Quito and from there take it slowly down by bus. Or just to Huaraz and stick to Peru and Bolivia. Or even just stick around Cusco then off to Bolivia and why not Paraguay?

Jeez, life is hard when you travel long. Existential questions, uh? Any idea, anyone?

Feel free to add a comment with your suggestion of what YOU would do!!! Thank you!!!

2 thoughts on “Where should I go next??

  1. Hi Anne, good to hear you feel better. And a day to blog is not too bad… I like the idea of taking it slow and take the bus down to the location to meet your parents … Let’s see what you decide. Take care!


  2. Ha ha, you are an incredible traveller. I am travelling vicariously through you, as my travel consists of walking through the park to work and back each day it seems that this Ground Hog Day scenario will play out forever! Still, things could be much worse. Look forward to reading more of your posts. Go safely and enjoy. Cheers and all the best, Rob.


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