Lima – Day 1

Thursday 20th August 2015

The taxi picked me up at 5.30am. Got to the Cusco airport, registered the luggage, passed the x-ray and waited for my flight with LC Peru.
Here I was in the plane, ready to take off for Lima at 7:40am
in the plane

Bye-bye Cusco!

As on my flight from Lima to Cusco, the landscape seen from the plane was stunning. It started like this with a golden mountain in the foreground.

It continued like this with the view of snowy peaks.
snowy peaks

The clouds were funny. They looked like cotton balls which had been laid directly on the mountains.

We were served some snack in a cute little box.


We were above the clouds for a while.
above the clouds

Saw that view again towards the end.

And that one before to go down. Magical atmosphere.

Boats before to land.

Containers near the shore.

And here we were in Lima.

I grabbed my bag, got into an official taxi, and arrived at the Pariwana Hostel in the centre of Miraflores neighbourhood.
It was the hostel that Nicola, the Canadian girl I had met diving in Taganga and seen again at Casa Elemento had recommended to me.
I don`t really read the Lonely Planet anymore, I just follow what other travellers I meet tell me about! So nice!!

Here is what Pariwana means.
Pariwana meaning

I checked in at the reception.

While waiting, I saw this sign. Interesting to see the list of the popular things to see in Peru!

I put my bag in a dorm of 4 people where I met Rosa, a Finnish girl with who I chatted a bit.

I put my small bag in the lockers in the room. There are usually lockers like this in most places, you just have to have your own locker to lock that door most times.

I grabbed my swimming suit and a towel and walked 30 min towards the sea, ready to surf! First I had a burger in the Parque del Amor where you can see this statue.
Parque del Amor

I walked down this bridge towards the sea.

The swell looked good that day, clean and regular waves, there didn`t seem to be too much current. Gentle waves not too high, perfect for eternal beginners like me!

On the bridge, I ran into a surfer called Henri Thomas who asked me if I was looking for a surf lesson. How did he know? 🙂 Sure!So we walked to the sea and stopped at the first tent. Plenty of tents there waiting for people eager to learn surfing!
surf lessons

I changed in my swimming suit, grabbed a full wetsuit and a rashie as the water was 18 degrees and a 8″2 board.
Before to get in the water, Henri Thomas corrected a few of my take-off moves on the ground.
I realised I was not pushing up with my hands at the right spot to stand up, making it harder for myself and that best was to put the back foot first on the board. Somehow, that`s not how I was doing when going surfing in Australia!

And off we were in the water for the next 2 hours, taking waves, I was having fun! Had not surfed in 3 months!
Just imagine this is me surfing over there. ;-p

After that, I went back to the hostel and then decided to go on a shopping mission to try to find a second swimming suit as it could be handy to have two for the Galapagos. First, I went in the nearby shopping centre. Sadly, it is winter in Peru, so they don`t sell swimming suits at the moment!

I was impressed to find a shopping centre the same as you would find anywhere in the modern world.
Somehow my image of Peru was of a country which would be undeveloped, Lima included. Here was when you entered.

They even had clothes of that Ozzie brand.

In pharmacies or supermarkets in Lima you can also find literally everything you would find in a Western country.
So need to stock up on tons of medication when you will be able to refill during your trip for example.

Lima is a modern city but the only thing annoying is the current winter weather, such a white sky!
white sky

In the pharmacy a woman advised me to go to the “Real Plaza” shopping centre with the local bus, one that looks like these.

So I jumped in one and off I went. I loved that old bus feeling with the motor roaring like a lion. Inside the bus.
in bus

After a long bus ride, got to that mall which was even bigger than the first one.

They even had a Desigual shop too.

I checked out three shops of swimming suits but didn`t really like any and they were even more expensive than in Australia!
So I took the bus back to Miraflores but it was peak hour when people finish work and the traffic was just totally congested.
The bus was stuck, so I jumped off and walked for 1h15. I noticed many locals were also walking. Sounds like Lima has a serious traffic issue to tackle!

I ran into a gallery on the way back and checked out the work of a Peruvian painter called Victor Escalante.

One of his painting

Then back at the hostel, I chatted more to Rosa and met Peter who was also staying in our 4-beds dorm.
With Rosa, we went for dinner and had yummy pork sandwich at a place called La Lucheria.
Then we went back to the hostel and had some Pisco Sour on happy hour with Peter.
Rosa was living on a farm with her parents in the middle of Finland and had helped all summer. She had just arrived in Lima and was about to travel 10 weeks. Peter was from Melbourne, his parents originally from Vietnam and he had also just arrived in Lima and was about to travel 2 months.
It was a cool evening but around 11pm the 3 of us were tired, them because of the jetlag and me because of the early flight, so we went to bed!

The next day, bus to Guayaquil in the afternoon!