Lima to Arequipa

Monday 28th September 2015 At 4pm I grabbed a random taxi from the street and off I was to the airport. I can only laugh again about how scared I was when I landed in Lima for the first time a few weeks before, arriving from Bogota. I had been warned by many travellers and by … More Lima to Arequipa

Lima – 3 days blogging

Monday 28th September 2015 This will probably be the shortest article of all! 🙂 As anyone who follows the blog knows because you got spammed by notifications of new articles during these three days (Sorry about that!), I literally spent those 26th,27th and 28th September catching up on blogging all the travel adventures of the past … More Lima – 3 days blogging

Iquitos to Lima

Saturday 25th September 2015 I woke up in Iquitos to a weather so hot and sticky that I didn`t feel like going anywhere to explore more, so I lingered at the hostel with Katie, Rachel, the American dorm mate and the half-Peruvian half-American guy, chatting, doing photo backups, sharing photos and email addresses. At 11.30am, … More Iquitos to Lima

Lima to Iquitos

Saturday 19th September 2015 Off I was to the airport for a flight to Iquitos! I arrived there 1h15 before as it was a domestic flight but I freaked a bit out when I saw this huge queue!! Everyone for all flights in the same queue, flights also going to Cusco, Arequipa, other places. I … More Lima to Iquitos

Lima again – 2 days

Thursday 17th September 2015 We arrived in Lima around 6.30am and dropped the bags at our respective hostels to check-in later. One of the thing Rebecca, the two Matt and me wanted to do that day was paragliding! We walked on the sea front to find where the spot was. First we ran into a fountain … More Lima again – 2 days

Lima to Guayaquil

Friday 21st August 2015 afternoon Jumped in a taxi around 1pm off to the Cruz del Sur bus terminal. Some taxi drivers like this one prefer to have an iron box around them to make sure they can`t get hurt by dangerous passengers!! Off on the road! The Cruz del Sur bus terminal Checking in … More Lima to Guayaquil

Lima – Day 2

Friday 21st August 2015 In the morning, we had brekky together upstairs with Rosa, Peter and a guy from New York, Nick, that Rosa had met the day before. Peter suggested that we could go to some ruin which was only 20 minutes walk away. Peter and I checked out our luggages from the room to … More Lima – Day 2

Lima – Day 1

Thursday 20th August 2015 The taxi picked me up at 5.30am. Got to the Cusco airport, registered the luggage, passed the x-ray and waited for my flight with LC Peru. Here I was in the plane, ready to take off for Lima at 7:40am Bye-bye Cusco! As on my flight from Lima to Cusco, the … More Lima – Day 1

Bogota to Cusco

Thursday 13th August 2015 – Bogota to Lima Still in Bogota. In the morning, Mama Elcida made me discover another type of Colombian soup that is eaten for brekky, with eggs, bread, milk and spinach. After that, I took the Transmilenio again to go do some errands in Bogota city centre. I met with Flavius … More Bogota to Cusco