Iquitos to Lima

Saturday 25th September 2015

I woke up in Iquitos to a weather so hot and sticky that I didn`t feel like going anywhere to explore more, so I lingered at the hostel with Katie, Rachel, the American dorm mate and the half-Peruvian half-American guy, chatting, doing photo backups, sharing photos and email addresses. At 11.30am, I left the Flying Dog.
DSCF7135 (Medium)

Off I was in a tuk-tuk to the airport.
DSCF7137 (Medium)

The traffic was pretty dense, so many tuk-tuks in Iquitos. It is also crazy to think that Iquitos is not accessible by road, only by plane and boats. That means they had to bring each car and tuk-tuk one by one to this place, or re-assemble them there. Huge work considered how many there are there!
DSCF7153 (Medium)

We stopped at the petrol station.
DSCF7162 (Medium)

The tuk-tuk driver needed to refill his tuk-tuk.
DSCF7161 (Medium)

In Peru and other South American countries, there is always someone at the pomp, it is not self-serviced.
DSCF7157 (Medium)

Bye-bye Iquitos!

DSCF7167 (Medium)

Arrived at the airport.
DSCF7168 (Medium)

I really liked the paintings made of photographs hanging above the departure counters.
DSCF7169 (Medium)

The ones to the left.
DSCF7170 (Medium)

My favourite one.
DSCF7187 (Medium)

Not too many people at the counter that day.

DSCF7172 (Medium)

My plane was delayed of an hour, so I stopped in this cafe and had lunch and enjoyed the WiFi.
DSCF7188 (Medium)
Waiting area. We were offered to choose between a Coca Cola and an Inca cola bottle as a complementary gift from LAN for being late of more than an hour. Of course I took an Inca Cola bottle, we are in Peru after all! 🙂
DSCF7191 (Medium)

Ready to board!
DSCF7194 (Medium)

And ready to take off.
DSCF7202 (Medium)

Bye Iquitos! It was nice to get a glimpse of the Amazon Jungle even if the tour was not perfect. The group was fun and we saw a couple of animals. I have to admit though, I think I prefer the mountains. The sticky humidity is bearable for a few days but I could not do more than a week in a row. While looking through that window, I had a thought for my friend Anouk I had met in Cusco and gone to Macchu Picchu with. At the time we met, she had just spent 3 weeks in a row in the deep jungle of the Manu National Park. At the time, it didn`t mean much to me. Now that I had spent 5 days in there, I could appreciate what it meant a bit more and could only admire the fact she had managed to spend such a long time there and also why she had found it tough! It is tough! I felt like I would like to go again to different spots, maybe on the Colombian, Ecuador, Bolivian or Brazilian sides, but I now also knew I would not want to go more than a week at once!
DSCF7206 (Medium)

LAN complimentary snacks in the plane.
DSCF7221 (Medium)
View of some mountains from the plane.
DSCF7223 (Medium)
Landed in Lima around 4pm. So weird to see a plain white plane not painted yet!
DSCF7228 (Medium)
And here I was, back in Lima after a week away.
DSCF7233 (Medium)
The sky was as white as it gets in winter there. However, after a week in the sticky hot weather, I actually really enjoyed being back in this cold weather! If only the sky was not so white though!!
DSCF7234 (Medium)
Familiar highway, getting closer to Miraflores.
DSCF7240 (Medium)
View from my dorm room at the Flying Dog in Lima. This is the Parque Kennedy, and next to the church over there is Cafe de La Paz which was about to be my headquarter for three intense days of blogging!
DSCF7242 (Medium)
Went for dinner right next door to the Lucheria, the sandwich place I had had food with the Swedish girl and Melbourne guy from my dorm a month before. This time, the chess area was being pretty busy!
DSCF7243 (Medium)

Tomorrow and the next 2 days…Days “off” travelling, catching up on blogging!!