Galapagos Cruise Day 7 – Morning

Monday 31st August – Morning

Introduction to the day

Introduction to Day 7

Programme of the day (we all thought we were the 1st September too, but we all forgot there are 31 days in August!)

DSCF3072 (Medium)

Woke up 6.45am. So many boats around us, not used to that anymore!

DSCF3068 (Medium)

We could see Puerto Ayora from the boat.

DSCF3070 (Medium)

Brekky 7am.

DSCF3071 (Medium)

Panga at 8am. Disembarked here.

DSCF3080 (Medium)

Got into a normal bus for about 20 minutes.

DSCF3085 (Medium)

Arrived the Charles Darwin Research Station. We put some rubber boots on.

DSCF3086 (Medium)

The guide showed us different parts of tortoise shells.

DSCF3090 (Medium)

There were empty shells and a few of us got into them to fill what it means to be a turtle. I was the first one doing that and now I understand why they are so slow. That shell restricts movements so much, no way they could be faster!!!

DSCF3097 (Medium)
We went for a walk with our rubber boots to go see the Giant Tortoises.

DSCF3114 (Medium)


DSCF3112 (Medium)

When they are scared, they make a “sssshhh””” sound like cats do and retreat their head inside the shell.

DSCF3120 (Medium)

Zooming on one foot.

DSCF3119 (Medium)

Another turtle

DSCF3122 (Medium)

Close up on the tail, male giant tortoises have bigger tails.

DSCF3127 (Medium)
We went into a lava tunnel.

DSCF3129 (Medium)

Quite wide.

DSCF3132 (Medium)

These are not stalactites but something else that I forgot about!

DSCF3134 (Medium)

Next to the exit, looking back.

DSCF3140 (Medium)

Tortoise having a mud bath.

DSCF3160 (Medium)

Most of the time you see the turtles still just munching on grass but I saw the left turtle walking towards the turtle on the right and hissing to it quite agressively!

DSCF3167 (Medium)

We drunk lemon grass and galapagos coffee after the walk, the lemongrass tea was awesome.
When we sat at the tables, we felt like the ground was rocking like on the boat. It was a very weird feeling.

Back in the bus, we had to slow down when there was a tortoise crossing the road.

DSCF3169 (Medium)

And indeed there is a sign warning about that!

DSCF3170 (Medium)

Back at the Puerto Ayora pier, there was this man campaigning against the cigarette.

DSCF3175 (Medium)

He had picked up cigarette butts and made some art out of them. Pretty cool stuff.

DSCF3177 (Medium)

Then back at the boat, had lunch and I finished “Around the world in 80 days” from the French writer Jules Verne which tells us the crazy travel adventure of the British Phileas Fogg and his French devoted servant Passepartout. I was happy to finish my book and started reading another of Jules Verne`books, “20,000 miles under water”. Jules Verne was one of the favourite writer of my grand-father, I always like reading him, he wrote around 1840 and is so brilliant!

Had a nap for 20 minutes and then were ready for the afternoon!