Santa Cruz Trek – Day 5

Wednesday 16th September 2015

Last day of the trek, snif! Woke up with this view.

DSCF5558 (Medium)

Soon after, the sun appeared, lighting up the valley.

DSCF5566 (Medium)

Brekky in the open this time, crepes, yummy!

DSCF5571 (Medium)

Last snack bag! What? How am I gonna do without my Huascaran snack bag every day? Going to miss it! 😀

DSCF5572 (Medium)

And off we went!

DSCF5575 (Medium)

I remember that morning having a great conversation with Adrian. He was British and had spent the last 27 years something of his life in Australia, he was married to Mary from Melbourne. I was very interested in knowing if and how he had managed to stay in touch with his mother country, how many of his friends from England he still was in touch and so on…It was really great to chat with him!

The path in front of us.

DSCF5590 (Medium)

The peaks on our left

DSCF5591 (Medium)

See that rock here, Arti decided to make us climb it! Ok!

DSCF5592 (Medium)

So up we went!

DSCF5597 (Medium)

Awesome view from the top.

DSCF5607 (Medium)

Time for a snack break.

DSCF5610 (Medium)

Walking down, we saw this cactus family.

DSCF5614 (Medium)

The arriero, assistant and donkeys, catching up with us.

DSCF5620 (Medium)

The river

DSCF5626 (Medium)

See that tree? Well Mary made us notice how the mountains were covered with some bushes which were smaller versions of the tree! Pretty cool!

DSCF5635 (Medium)

Those small bushes all over the mountain

DSCF5637 (Medium)

Red hairs of the river

DSCF5638 (Medium)

Yes, Lucho, let`s go, let`s go, let`s keep walking! 🙂 After the rock snack, it was with Matt that I had awesome conversations, for the rest of the walk actually. We were mostly talking camera gears, lenses and photography in general but also lots more. Love those hiking discussions time!

DSCF5649 (Medium)

Cactus flowers

DSCF5664 (Medium)

Soon we could see the valley in the background…

DSCF5669 (Medium)

The river on our right

DSCF5676 (Medium)

When we saw this, we thought hey, let`s jump in this water toboggan, we could arrive quicker in a very cool way.
We just forgot to take with us our inflatable canoe. Too bad!!

DSCF5678 (Medium)

And the sheep told us: “You haven`t arrived yet! Check out the area, Cashapampa, that direction!”

DSCF5679 (Medium)

“What? Are you making fun of me?” he said. (no, of course not)

DSCF5680 (Medium)

The sign near the sheep, describing the trek area for the ones starting the trek clock-wise. And by the way, the trek is much better done anti-clockwise! Matt spotted 2 reasons for that. One is that when you do it anti-clockwise like we did, you will have the sun on your back most of the time, instead of having it in your eyes. And that also means that you will be shooting with the sun in your back which makes much nicer photos!! Two very valid reasons to do it anti-clockwise!

DSCF5683 (Medium)

Local  cemetery we passed while getting to the end of the trek, interesting how some burials can be in a little stone house

DSCF5684 (Medium)

Pretty rooster

DSCF5688 (Medium)

And here we are, we finished it!!

DSCF5689 (Medium)

Here is the sign showing the beginning of the trek when going clockwise.

DSCF5693 (Medium)

We said good-bye to Lucho and Chatine and that was it, we were now in the minivan, driving for about 3 hours to Huaraz. The trek was over, and our heads were full of awesome memories. We had an amazing group with an incredible coherence and awesome conversations and fun moments. It was hard to think it was already over, we just didn`t want to accept it and wanted to keep going, or go again!

Beautiful landscape from the minivan while heading to Huaraz

DSCF5697 (Medium)

Some other view

DSCF5708 (Medium)

Another one with the snow peaks at the back

DSCF5726 (Medium)

More mountains

DSCF5730 (Medium)

And that was it. We were back in Huaraz before we even knew it. We all got dropped at our hostels and were meeting at the agency at 7pm for a farewell Huascaran drink and good-bye. Then Rebecca, Matt,Rachel, Matt and me were off in the evening with a night bus to Lima while Adrian and Mary were flying to Lima the next morning and then off to Cusco. Like for the Galapagos cruise, it was a smoother transition to not say brutally good-bye to everyone and I was glad to think a bunch of us would still be hanging out together the next few days, making that transition nicer. Saying good-bye constantly when you travel is exhausting!!

DSCF5736 (Medium)

I was dropped at the hotel around 3pm I think? or was it 4pm? I went first to the bus agency to book a ticket for the evening, then came back to the hostal, gave my dirty clothes to wash, which meant almost all of them, and took a very long and good shower, as we had not showered for 5 days! And then I also washed my tent and put it up on the terrace to dry, but also washed the bags exterior, the hiking boots, everything I could wash really!

After that, I finally relaxed a bit on the terrace of the hostel at sunset, taking in the awesome view of the surrounding mountains.

DSCF5741 (Medium)

In another direction, the church nearby

DSCF5743 (Medium)

in another direction, other mountains

DSCF5745 (Medium)

It was a pretty cool terrace for hanging around!

DSCF5746 (Medium)

And night fell and soon it was time to go for the Huascaran farewell drink all together where they were making Pisco sour that they handed to us. We cheered and said we should meet again here in 5 years!! Hey yeah, why not!!! There are so many hikes to do. We could go again on the Santa Cruz one to see if it changed. Or what about Cordillera Negra? Cordillera Huayash? Hey and what about we go hiking for a month this time, 5 days was too short right??!!! Oh and hopefully we have Lucho and Chatine with us again, right??!!! After hanging around there for quite a bit, we said good-bye to Paulino and Arti and headed to a nice Indian restaurant where the seven of us had dinner. Then we were off to the night bus. We would wake up in the early morning in Lima!

The next two days, chilling out in Lima then off to the jungle of Iquitos!!!