Blueies Day 1 – Victoria Falls to Burra Korain

Saturday 1st October 2016 Here is the map of our journey from Manly to Blackheath, the starting point of our ‘expedition’ into the Blue Mountains. I woke up at 6am, got out of bed, dressed, brekky and then grabbed my 21-kilo backpack and started walking around 6.25am towards Manly wharf along the sea side of … More Blueies Day 1 – Victoria Falls to Burra Korain

Road Trip North – Day 5

Sunday 22nd March 2015 We woke up in the morning at Conley Cottage near Kenilworth and spent the morning chilling out with Nigel and Kellie. We got to know their truly inspiring lifestyle in the countryside. First we had breakfast on the terrace contemplating this beautiful view where their 2 horses Paddie and Scorchie were … More Road Trip North – Day 5

Road Trip North – Day 2

Thursday 19th March 2015 We woke up at the GlassHouse Mountains eco-lodge and after breakfast went to walk on the Trachyte Circuit nearby. The landscape was quite dry and the temperature still really hot for mid-March, around 33 degrees probably. There were lots of grasshoppers flying around. Some spiders like this one We saw a … More Road Trip North – Day 2