Chaiten Volcano

Friday 27th November 2015 We had the ambitious plan the next morning to be in the kitchen with bags packed already at 8.30am, to eat and then shoot off to find another hostel at 9am and somehow to be on the road around 10am. The alarm rang at 8am but neither Fredrik or me moved. We … More Chaiten Volcano

Pumalin National Park

Thursday 26th November 2015 We left the hostel around 1pm and started driving on the Carretera Austral. We stopped after 10-15 minutes to take pictures of the surroundings. It was stunning and we could already understand why the Carretera Austral is so legendary. We kept driving and passed this sign telling us we were at … More Pumalin National Park

Chiloe National Park

Monday 23rd November 2015 I woke up in the morning feeling crap and went out after brekky to buy some more medication at the pharmacy. I got some extra strong flu  powder drinks to drink twice a day and another one to drink just before to go to bed. It was a gorgeous day and … More Chiloe National Park

Dalcahue and Quinchao

Sunday 22nd November 2015 I woke up around 9.30am. Here is the view of Castro from my window in the morning. I had brekky downstairs with the Chilean girl who had arrived the night before and a few other Chilean people. It was nice to see Chilean tourists only for a change! Lluis, the owner … More Dalcahue and Quinchao

Punihuil Penguins

Saturday 21st November 2015 The weather was finally great again and when the guy from the hostel called the Penguin tour in Punihuil, they confirmed they were going. Yeah! So around 10.40am, we shoot off with him as a guide driver and Bruno from France who had lived 20 years in New Caledonia and was … More Punihuil Penguins